Holtkotter logoHoltkötter has been manufacturing chandeliers and lamps in Germany for more than 40 years. We are one of a handful of companies left that still design their own fixtures and do their own manufacturing from the raw metal to the finished product, resulting in chandeliers and lamps of lasting quality. Our reason for being is defined by our manufacturing tradition, by our manufacturing expertise, and by our dedication to quality. Our future will be shaped by our continued devotion to the technical, functional and design challenges of lighting. Holtkötter was founded by Schlossermeister Franz Holtkötter in 1964 in the town of Bad Waldliesborn located in the heart of Westphalia, Germany. Since that time and under his guidance, we have produced lighting fixtures and lamps using true manu-facturing methods that are steeped in the German "Handwerkstradition" (Craft tradition). Over time the company grew to encompass three locations. The toolmaking, milling, stamping, and the various finishing departments are still located in Bad Waldliesborn, while the lacquering, assembly, packing and shipping departments are located in the neighboring town of Liesborn. For the American market, the assembly, distribution, and the corresponding administration departments were first established in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1983 on the banks of the Mississippi River and expanded in South Saint Paul in 1995 and again in 2005 with the opening of a new distribution center.

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