Wall Lights

Wall Lights
Wall lights contribute both functionality and beauty to your d├ęcor. Sconces cast soft reading light over your shoulder; bathroom lights help you better see to apply makeup; step lights create guidance on a stairway and display lights artfully accent an entryway. Just imagine all the ways you could be putting wall lights to work in your space!

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can be mounted anywhere to provide ambient or task lighting. Available as uplighting, downlighting or up/down lighting. Many styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Task and Swing Arm

These lights are adjustable or have swing-arms which make them perfect as reading lights or bedside lights.

Bathroom & Vanity

These wall lights are available as single shade, multi-shades or linear styles so that you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom or vanity.

Mirror Lights

These mirrors have integrated lights which make them perfect for use in bathrooms, vanity areas or dressing rooms.

Display Lights

These display wall lights can be used to highlight artwork or paintings. Available in various styles and designs.

Step Lights

Step lights can be used to illuminate walkways and stairs, making these areas safer. They can also be used as night lights.

Wall Monorail

The wall monorail system from Tech Lighting can be used to highlight artwork and displays or provide general lighting for areas such as hallways and dressing rooms.