Transformers & Ballasts

Transformers & Ballasts
For use with various lighting applications - fluorescent ballasts for undercabinet lights, drivers for LED tape lights, electronic and magnetic transformers for low voltage systems.

Electronic Transformers

Used with various low voltage lighting systems such as undercabinet lights, tape lights, and track lights. Usually dimmable with low voltage electronic dimmers.

Magnetic Transformers

These transformers can usually handle larger loads and longer distances than their electronic counterparts. Used in various low voltage lighting applications such as puck lights, miniature recessed, etc. Usually dimmable with low voltage magnetic dimmers.

Outdoor Transformers

For use in low voltage landscape lighting applications such as path lights, accent lights, in-ground lights and flood lights.

LED Drivers

These drivers help to power LED lighting systems such as puck lights, light bars and tape light. These have option of being remote mounted or plug-in.

Fluorescent Ballasts

Ballasts for use with various fluorescent fixtures that utilize CFL or linear lamps. Available in single-lamp and multi-lamp configurations and options (such as electronic or magnetic). View our selection from leading brands such as Philips Advance. Fulham and Keystone.

HID Ballasts

Available for metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures from brands such as Keystone, Advance and Vossloh-Schwabe.

Emergency Ballasts

Emergency ballast for use with select fluorescent fixtures. Available in wide range of lumens, depending on application.