Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality lighting for hotels and motels include lighting for guestrooms, hallways, conference rooms, lobby & front desk and wellness areas such as gyms and spas.

Retail Lighting

There are many areas to plan for in retail lighting such as the sales floor, window dispays, and shelves and racks.

Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant lighting can help create the perfect ambience and atmosphere, and it requires thoughtful selection. LBC Lighting carries restaurant lighting to set any mood artistically and beautifully. Our restaurant lighting not only includes the dining areas but also bar areas, menu boards and outdoor/patio areas. Let lighting help unify your spaces.

Builder Home Lighting

Our selection of builder grade lighting is perfect whether you are remodeling or custom building homes. These fixtures are stylish, economical and come from the most renowned brands in the industry such as Kichler Lighting, Progress Lighting, Designers Fountain, Maxim and Seagull Lighting.

Salon Lighting

When people go to a beauty or nail salon, they are looking to get pampered so use lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere for your clients. Decorate with pendants and use tape light for accent lighting. For task lighting, use monorail or cable spot heads.

Office Lighting

By providing the most optimal lighting environment in your office, you can increase productivity and promote well being. Check out our selections ranging from fluorescent troffers to suspended architectural lighting.

Gallery Lighting

Whether you are highlighting paintings or sculptures in your art gallery, having appropriate lighting will definitely enhance the viewers' experience. View our selection of gallery lighting including track lighting, wall washers, monorail and cable lighting.

Warehouse Lighting

Popular warehouse lighting options include high bays, low bays, and industrial strip lights. Due to their relatively large size and high ceilings, the goal of most warehouse lighting is to provide economical and adequate light to create a safe environment.