Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting
There are many areas to plan for in retail lighting such as the sales floor, window dispays, and shelves and racks.

Sales Floor

As a retail store, the sales floor is where all the action happens. It is where all the merchandise is displayed and presented so it is important to create an atmosphere that would encourage customers to buy. Make use of pendants, track lighting, monorail lighting and ceiling lights to highlight your space.

Counter & Cashier

Counter and cashier lighting is both decorative and functional. The decorative aspect helps instill confidence in the customer's buying decision whereas the functional helps ensure that staff are able to carry on their job without fatigue.

Window Displays

Window displays help entice a customer to come into your store so you want to make sure this area is well lit. Use recessed and track lighting for overhead lighting and in-ground lights if you want uplight. Holidays can get a boost from multicolored bulbs or string lights.

Shelves and Racks

In most retail applications, the best way to display merchandise is on shelves and racks. Undercabinet options such as puck lights, LED tape light, and light bars can help highlight items under shelves. Track lights and adjustable recessed lights can accentuate a wall of shelves.


It is important to have adequate lighting in the stockroom so that sales associate can take inventory and locate items quickly. Strip lighting, ceiling lights and recessed troffers are popular options.

Portable Kiosks

Like the kiosk themselves, the lighting here needs to be small but also efficient. Miniature track lighting or monorail lighting with portable plugs are a popular option as well as puck lights and miniature recessed for the shelves and displays.