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The makers of Artemide lighting products have never viewed lighting as simply a function of aiding sight. To Artemide, lighting is an opportunity for experimentation with lamps, objects, lights, and angles. For more than forty years, Artemide Lighting has carried the value of viewing light as a companion to people. Artemide lamps and other lighting products aim to aid mental comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

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  1. Polished White

    This remarkable structure is the result of meticulous material research. The base and stem are comprised of painted metal, the diffuser of injection-molded thermoplastic, and the reflector of die-cast aluminum. Direct and indirect lights are managed separately, allowing versatile and varied lighting options.

  2. Black Marble

    The first Artemide table lamp, designed by Sergio Mazza in 1959, is being reintroduced on the US market in 2010. Table standing luminaire for diffused halogen or incandescent lighting.

  3. Polished Chrome
    Price From: $930.00

    Aqua Cil Ceiling Light

  4. Polished Chrome

    Aqua Cil Suspension

  5. White

    “I envisioned Solium to be the negative of light. It stands boldly and sensually, as sultry as Sophia Loren. The shade flays out from an undulating base. The concave surface casts a glow of light which bounces off the lamp and projects on to the wall. The elegant thin shell is constructed out of fiberglass to create an extremely lightweight, and long lasting sculptural object”.

  6. White
    Price From: $295.00

    Bliss 26 Wall/Ceiling Light

  7. Aluminum
    Price From: $345.00

    Bliss 38 Wall/Ceiling Light

  8. White

    Cabildo Suspension

  9. White Finish

    Wall mounted luminaire for indirect and diffused halogen lighting.

  10. Red
    Price From: $630.00

    Wall mounted luminaire for direct and indirect fluorescent lighting.

  11. All Sizes

    Castore 14 Suspension Light

  12. All Sizes

    Castore 14 Table Lamp

  13. White

    Castore 25 Suspension Light

  14. White

    Castore 25 Table Lamp

  15. White

    Castore 35 Floor Lamp

  16. White

    Castore 35 Suspension Light

  17. White

    Castore 35 Table Lamp

  18. White

    Castore 42 Floor Lamp

  19. White

    Castore 42 Suspension Light

  20. White

    Castore 42 Table Lamp

  21. Light Gray

    Floor standing luminaire for diffused halogen lighting.

  22. White

    Wall mounted luminaire for indirect halogen lighting.

  23. Front view

    Wall mounted luminaire for indirect halogen lighting.

  24. Ceiling Application

    Dioscuri 14 Wall/Ceiling Light for Indoor/Outdoor

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