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Elite LED Retrofits at LBC Lighting


As a leader in the widest selections of lighting products and patented designs, Elite Lighting offers numerous sustainable and efficient light fixtures for commercial applications. Even within the category of LED Retrofits, there are many innovative and eco-friendly designs to choose from. For example, some retrofits include a “smart dim” or “smart hue” feature that allows smooth transition between different light outputs. Other retrofit lights portray a slim design that may assist with easy installation in settings with limited spaces. These are just a few features that are found among Elite’s variety of Retrofit LEDs. With additional options in color temperatures, trims, apertures, and finishes, you may find lighting compatible for your next commercial lighting project with Elite.

In addition to variety, Elite emphasizes environmentally friendly and long lasting solutions with their LED Retrofits. They make this apparent by accomplishing Energy Star, RoHS, IECC and Title 24 compliant light fixtures along with UL/cUL listed for their durability. Below, we will highlight just a few LED Retrofits available for purchase here at LBC Lighting.


Smart Hue LED Retrofits

With the rise of smart technology and Bluetooth controls, Elite now introduces LED Retrofits that can control color temperature via the Elite Lighting Smart Hue App. Each user has the option to smoothly adjust the color temperature across a range of 5000K-2700K (SHC-RGB-W-50K-27K). In addition, you can dim the light output from 100-10% and add color points of gradients of saturated colors from 1-100% within the tuning range. With all these aspects combined, the perfect mood lighting is easily within reach on a smartphone. For instance, with Smart Hue, one may choose to mimic natural light patterns throughout the day in an indoor space. Regardless of how you choose to operate Elite’s Smart Hue LED Retrofits, the countless possibilities are in your hands.

RL639 6″ Smart Hue Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 800 Lumens

RL439 4″ Smart Hue Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 600 Lumens


Smart Dim LED Retrofits

Quite remarkable as a feature, the Smart Dim LED Retrofit imitates traditional incandescent lighting even while dimming. It allows for a smooth dimming transition between 3000K to 1800K outputs, shifting into rich amber tones that encourage relaxation. With the capability of Smart Dim, these retrofits would be an ideal choice for hospitality and residential applications. While resembling traditional lighting, let’s not forget that these LED Retrofits follow stringent energy codes while maintaining a CRI of 90+ and 95 lumens per watt.  On that note, you can add warmth to your desired environment while helping the global environment with Smart Dim.

RL429 4″ LED Smart Dim Lensed Reflector Recessed Retrofit – 750 Lumens

RL435 4″ LED Smart Dim Lensed Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 750 Lumens


Slim LED Surface Mounts

With just a 1” inch thickness, Elite’s Slim LED Surface Mounts still deliver powerful light output. The compact and efficient design accommodates installation even in restricted spaces where installation may be challenging. At a 90 CRI, up to 1700 lumens output, and 50,000 hour lifetime, these surface mounts definitely do not sacrifice powerful lighting for slim size. Versatility and efficiency are joined hand in hand with the Slim LED Surface Mounts.

RL791 7″ Round Slim Surface Mount – 900 Lumens

RL995 9″ Square Slim Surface Mount – 1200 Lumens

RL655 6″ Round Regressed Slim LED Retrofit – 700 lumens

RL479 4″ Round Baffle Slim LED Retrofit – 700 lumens

More Slim LED Surface Mounts >

Want to browse more Elite LED Retrofits? Click here.

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Element ENTRA LED Recessed at LBC Lighting

With its wide range of applications, recessed lighting can greatly simplify the process of creating a lighting plan. And, as lighting technology continues to advance, recessed lighting is becoming an even more feasible lighting choice. One of the companies making this possible is Element by Tech Lighting. Developing affordable and effective downlights, Element is making it even easier to create and update lighting plans with high-performance fixtures.

Their ENTRA LED recessed lighting series is an example of Element’s commitment to quality and value. The  series offers excellent performance for the long term. With a CRI of 90, the ENTRA LED recessed lighting series guarantees accurate color portrayal. Paired with available color temperatures starting from 2700K to 4000K, the series easily provides the right level of illumination for any setting. Both of these benefits can be enjoyed for the long term, as the ENTRA LED series has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Both Energy Star rated and T24 compliant, the series is an energy efficient choice in any setting.

Best of all, the Entra is affordably priced, making it the right choice for specification grade led recessed lighting.

Available for new construction and remodel installation, the series offers a range of customization through flanged and flangeless trim options. Though you may need to review the trim types available for recessed lighting, choosing the right trim for a space can be an easy task. Along with the flexibility offered by the variety of trim options, the ENTRA LED series offers high adjustability with 0-30° tilt and 359° rotation.

Making the installation process easier, Element provides a step-by-step guide for flangeless installation, which could be done using this housing with this trim. The below photos can help make the installation process less challenging:


  1. Install housing to the ceiling joists with the adjustable steel hanger bars (shown above).
  2. Mount wall board to ceiling and walls.
  3. Attach plaster plate to the aperture using supplied hardware.
  4. Skim coat around the plaster plate and up to the aperture for a seamless appearance.

For more help with recessed lighting, see our past guides or email with your questions.

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Multiple Recessed LED Lighting

As a low-profile lighting option, recessed lighting can adapt to meet a variety of lighting needs. Though it is often chosen as a utilitarian option for spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens or offices, its versatility makes it a great design choice. Recessed lighting can effectively boost the design choices in a space by calling attention to key elements in a room. Advances in recessed lighting technology, especially the inclusion of LED technology, make it a highly efficient option for any space. Some of these advances include the expansion of multiple recessed LED lighting options. As these fixtures can cover more space, while using energy more efficiently, providing high CRI and color temperature, they can be an optimal way to update your lighting plans. The two options below showcase the versatility and high potential for customization multiple recessed LED lighting promises.

WAC Precision Multiples

The Precision Multiples series by WAC Lighting provides a fair amount of customization to create a unique lighting plan. Available in a range of configurations using 2, 3, and 4 lights, the series makes it easy to choose the right amount of multiple recessed lights for a room. With fully retractable lights, 365° horizontal rotation and 180° vertical aiming, all configurations can be adjusted for best illumination. As an LED option, the fixtures feature dimming capabilities, CRI of 85 or 90, and color temperatures ranging from 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The option for Invisible Trim, which places the fixture flush with the ceiling, makes the Precision Multiples series further versatile. Though its non-IC housing requires 3” of clearance from insulation on all sides, the series can be a great fit for a variety of spaces.

Element Multiples

Element’s Multiples series, with its many configuration options, makes multiple recessed LED lights an easy addition for many spaces. The series is available in open and trimmed options, which come in flanged and flangeless. Flangeless (mud-in) configurations are flush with the ceiling, creating a streamlined look. In contrast, flanged configurations sit just below the ceiling. All fixtures in the series are available in IC airtight, non-IC airtight, and Chicago Plenum housings. Similar to WAC’s Precision Multiples series, Element’s Multiples series offers linear configurations with up to 4 lights, and a square 2 by 2 light option. In color temperature and CRI, all of the fixtures take advantage of the effectiveness of LED technology.  The fixtures are available in 80 or 90 CRI and color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K. Along with full 35° tilt and 360° rotation, the Element Multiples series showcases the versatility of multiple recessed LED lights.

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Nora PRISM Smart LED Recessed Lighting at LBC Lighting

Though flushmount and semi-flushmount lighting fits well in spaces with low ceilings, recessed lighting is another highly adaptable option. A sleeker lighting option, recessed lighting can provide general illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. With its highly versatile fixtures, recessed lighting stylishly suits both commercial and residential spaces. Advances in recessed lighting technology make it a lighting choice with high potential for customization, while meeting your lighting needs.

Nora Lighting’s new PRISM Smart LED series of recessed lighting is an example of said advances in technology. Adaptable to existing 4”, 5” and 6” housings or remodel or new construction applications, Nora Lighting’s new PRISM Smart LED series is easily incorporated into virtually any space. The series enhances the versatility of recessed lighting, providing even more options for customization. Nora’s PRISM Smart LED recessed lighting can change the color of light and color temperature. With a CRI over 90 and programmable color temperature ranging between 2700K and 4000K, the PRISM guarantees customizable and highly functional lighting.

The PRISM series is further adaptable in its incorporation of Bluetooth technology. Simplifying the programming process, PRISM fixtures can be controlled using the ControLIT app on your smartphone. Through a Bluetooth mesh network, the app can control lights individually, as a group, or by zone. There are also the more traditional options of a handheld remote and on/off wall switch available for controlling PRISM fixtures. However, the ease of access made possible by Bluetooth technology is a definite draw for those wanting to fully modernize their lighting.

With its many technological updates, the series effectively upgrade your lighting plans, making it easier to design stylish, comfortable spaces.

For more help with recessed lighting, see our past guides or email with your questions

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LED Lamps

While lighting fixtures such as pendants are often used to provide task lighting, lamps can be a good option for dedicated task lighting. Using lamps for task lighting makes it possible to reduce the brightness of overhead lighting to save energy and create a more soothing environment. Among the range of lamp choices, LED lamps stand out as a worthwhile investment.

The benefits of LED technology particularly shine through the medium of a lamp. In contrast to halogen lamps, LED lamps run cool to the touch and are more energy efficient. These benefits can also be enjoyed for a longer period of time, as LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours. Their use of diodes allows LED lamps to efficiently illuminate a broad span of space using a minimized fixture. Many designers take advantage of the compactness of LED technology to add intuitive features to LED lamps. The Lady7 LED Desk Lamp by Koncept showcases the inventive possibilities of LED technology. Complete with a USB charging port, dimming via touchstrip, and a 5-hour auto-shutoff timer, it is fully equipped to meet a variety of needs. With an array of LED lamps available, it is guaranteed that your unique lighting needs may be met through an exceptional LED lamp.

For larger workstations

For large or shared workspaces, LED lamps can effectively meet various lighting needs. The below options are sleek and pared down in design, providing a broad wash of light to maintain optimal illumination. The modern style of these options extends to their capabilities, as most also provide USB charging ports, making them highly functional. They also remain adaptable through adjustable arms and dimming functions to skillfully fulfill changing needs.

For smaller workstations

LED lamps can provide optimal lighting conditions while emitting less heat to maintain a comfortable working environment. For single person workspaces, task lighting needs to cover a smaller area, yet remain adjustable to transition between tasks. Through added height, the below options cover a sizable range. Their dimming capabilities make it easy to shift to different tasks. Style becomes the defining factor among the LED lamp options for these spaces. These options from Quoizel follow a more traditional style, while retaining the excellent functionality of LED technology.

In modern-styled spaces, the following options would be fitting accent pieces suited to varied tasks. With minimalist, sleek designs and dimming capabilities in many cases, they would harmonize well within a contemporary space. The E41039 Eco-Task LED Table Lamp by ET2 on the far right perfectly combines functionality and dynamic design to create a bold statement lamp.

Compact options

In compact spaces requiring task lighting, LED lamps especially shine by efficiently making the most of a small space. For a bedroom nightstand doubling as a small workspace, the options on the left are powerhouses of functionality. While serving as a phone charging station, dimming capabilities allow these lamps to ease the transition from focused work requiring bright illumination to tasks requiring less light. Pared down designs coupled with dimming capabilities make the options on the right similarly suited for a smaller space. The TL-1110 Flat 12W LED Table Lamp from Modern Forms on the far right showcases this, as it can be folded into a more compact form when needed.

Clamp and wall mounted LED lamps are ideal option for spaces needing task lighting with little room to spare. The Superlight by Pablo Designs on the left can be installed as a clamp or wall mounted lamp. Its dimming capabilities and adjustability make it readily adaptable to any space. Artemide’s Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp in the middle provides efficient task lighting while occupying minimal space as a clamp mounted lamp. The Kelvin LED Green Mode lamp on the right is a highly adjustable option requiring minimal space. With dimming capabilities, it can effortlessly shift from late-night work to nighttime reading before calling it a night.

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LED Lighted Mirrors Advantages & Benefits

Lighted mirrors are the perfect accessory for any bathroom. Their sleek exterior combined with energy saving LED interior creates simple and modern aesthetics applicable to any residential or commercial space. LED mirrors offer exceptional lighting for vanities, dressing rooms, and hallways (convenient spots for passersby to stop and do quick touch ups on makeup, hair or outfit). Lighted mirrors can literally be placed in any space—they come in different shapes and sizes, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally! Still not convinced you should invest in a lighted mirror? Learn more benefits and advantages lighted mirrors offer below.

Benefits of  LED Lighted Mirrors
Energy Savings

LED lighted mirrors use, yes, LED. These energy friendly lights uses less energy (lower energy bills!) and have an efficacy of over 50,000 hours—which will last over 10 years! If you’re looking for a long term investment that saves you time and money, LED is the way to go.

Quality Lighting

LED lighting comes in a variety of color temperatures and lumens(typically cooler color temperatures and higher lumens). This means they can produce lighting that is closer to true white light produced by the sun and provide a high level of brightness. With that said, this type of lighting is perfect for applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and more! White light also keeps clothes, makeup colors, etc., true to their actual colors—no need to worry about yellowing from lighting with warmer color temperatures. Also, because the lighting surrounds the mirror, no shadows will be shown on your face when grooming. This increases your accuracy when shaving, or applying makeup.


Most LED lighted mirrors have a built in anti-fog system. This allows instant use of the mirror after hot baths or showers. No need to wipe down the mirror or wait for it to defog anymore! How does the anti-fog work? Paris Mirror mirror’s have a built in demister pad that works automatically when the LEDs are turned on. The front of the mirror will heat up and take the fog off the mirror.

Shape & Size

Lighted mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be mounted in any direction. Because the vanity functionality of the lighting is installed within the mirror, lighted mirrors replace the vanity fixture usually installed above the mirror. This allows for more potential storage space for bathrooms that are tight on space.


LED lighted mirrors are sleek and provide a modern aesthetic to spaces. They can also be integrated into spaces seamlessly to provide a luxurious, upscale design. Design and styles are endless with lighted mirrors.

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Lithonia ZL1N LED Striplight

The newly revampled Z-Series striplight from Lithonia Lighting allows greater lumen output while maximizing efficiency. At a height of only 2-1/8 inches, the compact and low profile LED channel is ideal fro new construction and retrofit commercial applications such as retail stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and cove & display areas.

The Z-Series Strip Light may be purchased with or without a lens. The standard lens accompanied with the fixture is a snap on and off frosted lens—diffusing illumination to eliminate pixels, to improve uniformity and to minimize glare. The lens may also be removed without compromising the UL or CSA listing status. This field modification allows safe use without the lens and does not obstruct warranty. However, please note that any tampering of electronics or abrasion of the fixture will void factory warranty.

Available in a variety of options ranging from 2- to 8-foot options, 3000 to 7000 lumen packages, and an easy snap on/off lens, the Z-Series makes commercial illumination easy and uniform. The fixture may also be surface mounted, pendant or stem mounted. A row aligner is also included in 4-ft. and 8-ft. options for easy continuous row mounting installation. See more specifications below.

Lumens3000 lm / 5000 lm / 7000 lm
Color Temperature3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
CRI80 / 90
Dimming0-10V Standard, Down to 10%
FinishWhite / Galvanized / Matte Black / Smoke Gray
ListingsCSA Certified, DLC Qualified, UL Listed, Damp Location Rated for areas between -4°F and 86°F

Lead times for this item vary depending on the options selected. Contact us for availability »



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Rope Lights vs. LED Strip Lights

The LED market is growing and so are it’s applications in residential and commercial settings. Installing LED lights to accent crown molding, pathways,  under cabinets, steps, landscapes and other locations have become increasingly popular. However, which is the best LED lighting option for your application? If you are unfamiliar with lighting, you may be confused by what fixture you should use. Rope light? LED strip light? Something else? Rope light and LED strip light may sound like the same type of lighting. In fact, some may even use them interchangeably. However, it is important to know that rope light and LED strip light are two very different fixtures. Let’s explore the differences and determine which is best for your project.

Rope Light

Rope lights have been on the market for a long time and can be used in a variety of applications. These lights are strings of incandescent or LED bulbs encased in durable material. The casing can be plastic, epoxy, or other clear materials. The tubular string of lights provide 360-degree light distribution, making them good options for wrapping around objects, outlining pathways, garden beds, accenting doorways and more. They are also great as decorative lighting during the holidays and at parties.

LED Strip Light

LED strip lights (also known as LED tape lights)  are flexible circuit boards populated with surface mounted LED, typically with an adhesive backing. Low profile, and easy to install, strip lights are great for under cabinet lighting, bar lighting, cove lighting, small crevices and more.

If you are unfamiliar with  LED strip lights, you can learn more about them in our introduction to LED strip lights and our guide to choosing strip lights for your project.

Rope Light vs. LED Strip Light

Rope Light
LED Tape Light
Light Source 

•   Available with incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs. LED is more used due to flexibility & greater efficacy.

•   120/200VAC  or 12/24VDC

•   Available in a variety of single colors—not RGB color changeable


•   LED chips vary in configurations—sizes, brightness, etc. Learn more »

•   120/200VAC  or 12/24VDC

•   Available in a variety of single colors & RGB color changeable options.

Size & Mounting

•   1/2″ to 3/8″ tube diameters

•   Mounted with clips which adds extra width making rope lights thick, and potentially more difficult to install in many areas.

•   Ultra thin profile—as low as 1/8″ or 3.175mm

•   3M adhesive backing allows for easy installation in a wide range of areas, including small & tight locations.


•   Low brightness—good for accent lighting & decoration.

•   Overtime, tubes may yellow or brown, which will decrease the light output and change the color emitted. Yellowing is very common with rope lights; the outer casing changes color from sun exposure—drying & cracking will also occur overtime.

•   Ranges from low to very high brightness

•   High brightness makes strip good for task lighting & display lighting.

•   Compatible with wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, & wall switches.


•   Low bend angle due to internal wiring—too much bending in any direction can cause lighting to fail.

•   360 degree viewing angle enables rope lighting to be made into shapes, wrapped around posts, and other decorative applications.

•   Easy to bend and adhere to surfaces.

•   Foldable up to 90 degrees, vertically.

•   120 degree beam angle

Run Length

•   With an AC input, rope lights can run above 250 feet.

•   Rope lights using DC  input run around 50 feet.

•   Voltage drops will occur if LED strip lights run too long. Divide long runs into shorter strips to prevent voltage drops. Learn more in coming post.

Best Option For Your Project

Rope light and LED strip light both offer different benefits depending on your application.

If you are looking for lighting that is bright, versatile, multi-colored, and highly customizable, we recommend LED strips. With a slim profile, they can be installed virtually anywhere as task, accent, and ambient lighting. LED strip lights can be installed for under cabinet lighting, cove & soffit lighting, bar lighting, display lighting, and more.

Although less versatile, rope lights also offer great benefits for decorative purposes. Wrap them around trees or bend them into shapes for the holidays or every day use.

If you need more assistance on choosing the right lighting for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More on LED Strip Lights

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Differences in LED chip sizes & brightness

When purchasing LED strip lights or rope lights, the type of LED chip is often specified—SMD 5050 LED, SMD 3528 LED, SMD 2835 LED, SMD 3014 LED, etc. But what do all these numbers and letters mean? Let’s break it down.

SMD stands for Surface Mount Device, which in the case of LED strip and tape lights, is an LED chip that is mounted on the surface of PCB or printed circuit boards.

The numbers following SMD—5050, 3528, 2835, etc., indicates the physical dimension, or more simply put, size of the chip in millimeters.


SMD 5050 LED = 5.0mm x 5.0mm individual LED chip size
SMD 3528 LED = 3.5mm x 2.8mm individual LED chip size

There are currently a large selection of LED chips that range from all different sizes and efficiency, including but not limited to 2835, 3014, 5630, and 3020. However, since LED strip lights have been introduced, the most popular size chips manufactures use are the 5050 and 3528.

With so many options, which chip is considered “the best”? Simply put, there is no one chip that out rules the rest. Each chip has it’s own benefits when used properly and in the right application.

SMD 5050 LED

SMD 5050 LED chips are 5.0mm by 5.0mm and house three diodes in one housing. Theoretically, they offer up to three times more illumination to SMD 3528 chips. When compared individually, 5050 chips are a lot brighter than 3528 chips because there are more diodes. However, due to their slightly larger size,  only so many chips can fit on a PCB strip which can cause restraints on brightness in certain strip applications. Because 3528 chips are smaller and can be more densely placed on a strip, a strip of 3258 may be brighter in comparison to a strip of 5050.

Strips that use SMD 5050 LED also require thicker PCB to draw heat away from the chips. Larger chip means greater heat output; and although the larger chip size creates more heat than smaller chips, the 5050 is still drastically “cooler” than other lighting options.

SMD 5050 LED strip lights are well suited for applications that require high levels of ambient lighting. 5050 strips can be used for single color applications, but they are much better for multi-color or RGB use. Because 5050 chips use three diodes, millions of color variations can be created by combining three different diodes within the housing.

SMD 3528 LED

SMD 3528 LED chips are 3.5mm by 2.8 mm and contain only one LED per chip. When placed side by side with a 5050 chip, they are not as bright; however, when used in high density or quantity, 3528 LED strips can be brighter than a comparable strip of 5050. They are good for single color applications, such as providing TV back lighting, accenting crown molding or pictures, under tables & cabinets, bar lighting, and more.

Looking for a more cost effective solution? SMD 3528 LED strips may be the right choice for you. Although they are not as bright individually in comparison to 5050 chips, a reel of 3528 LED strip light, which may contain 600 chips, can be much brighter than a reel of 5050 of the same length.

How does this apply to you?

When determining the type of strip light needed for your project, remember to consider the size of the chip and how many chips you’ll need. The size & number of LEDs per foot or meter is pertinent to brightness.

Tip: If competing strips are using the same chips, and you’re not sure which to choose, take a look at how many LEDs on the strip and lumen ouput. These two factors will help you in determining brightness.

More on LED Strip Lights

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How To Choose LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights have increased in residential and commercial environments. Due to their efficiency, color options, brightness, and ease of installation, architects and designers find LED strip lights to be viable lighting options in virtually any architectural design. With their increase in popularity, the LED market has become highly saturated. Manufacturers and distributors offer various quality, cost, and specifications making it difficult to determine the best LED for projects. So, how do we choose? What is the standard for choosing LED strip lights?

Get a clear vision of the project design before selecting lights. Each project is unique and requires different types of lighting. The following questions are to help determine “the vision” before selecting lights:

  1. What will you be lighting?
  2. Where will the lighting be installed?
  3. Will dimming be required? If so, will the lights be dimmed via remote control or wall switch?
  4. What is the overall look and feel you want?
  5. What color do you need?

Once “the vision” is solidified, choosing the appropriate LED strip lights will be easier. However, lighting can be difficult to select; especially without prior knowledge of lighting terminology and understanding of specifications. The following guide will break down the top factors to consider when choosing LED strip lights, and define lighting terms to make your next LED lighting purchase a breeze.

Lumen / Color Temperature / CRI
ApplicationLumens Per Foot
Accent Lighting155 – 350
Under Cabinet Lighting175 – 525
Task Lighting (Short Distance)280 – 440
Task Lighting (Large Distance)345 – 690
Indirect Lighting
(Cove, Soffit or Valance Lighting)
375 – 565
Industrial Lighting / Signage500 – 950

Lumen is a measurement of brightness that is visible to the human eye. It is the most important variable when choosing LED strip lights. Lumens per foot may be higher or lower, depending on the type of illumination needed.

Do not get tricked—always consider lumen output. If no lumen output is listed, you will not know the brightness of the strip until after you purchase them.

Color Temperature refers to the warmth and coolness of white light. It is measured in degrees Kelvin and ranges from cool white to warm white. Lights in the warmer spectrum are more orange or yellow when illuminated. Lights with cooler temperatures are white or bluish white.

Don’t confuse color temperature with actual colors! Color temperature is specific to white lights. Actual colored lighting can be obtained through RGB strip lights.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors in comparison to natural sunlight.  The index is measured from 0-100. The higher the CRI, the more accurate the colors. In most applications, CRI that is measured greater 80 is considered to be more than acceptable. CRI greater than 90 is considered “High CRI” and is used in commercial, art, and retail locations.

LED Strip Size & Number Of LEDs On Strip

Before purchasing, measure the length of LED your project needs. This will make it easier for price comparison, since LED strips are sold in different packages—by the foot, in a reel, etc.

Once the length is determined, find out how many LED chips are on each strip and the chip type. LED chips are not created the same; size and brightness differ. Learn more about the differences »

Wattage Consumed Per Strip Of LED

Wattage is a measure of the amount of power required to illumination the LED. Be sure to verify the wattage per foot, per reel, etc. before purchase.

Pair LED strips with the proper power supply. Be careful! A strip that uses 24-volts will not work with a 12-volt power supply—this may result in the risk of fire.

Verifiable Quality

Verifying the claims of LEDs is important to ensure the intended lifespan and safety of the light. When inquiring about LED strip lights, ask about the following qualities:

  • Thermal Management

Heat management and dissipation are extremely important for LEDs. If LEDs overheat, their rated life may reduce drastically from 50,000+ hours to 10,000 to 20,000 hours. A well designed LED strip light does not solely rely on an aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat.

  • Color Quality & Accuracy

If you purchase a bright white fixture, you should not expect to receive a warm white color from the LED. Ask for a test report or view fixtures in-store to ensure quality and proof of the fixture you are purchasing.

  • Safety Certification

UL Listings, DLC Certification, RoHS, and other certifications can be verified through registries.

  • Material Quality

Materials and thickness used in the circuit board, wiring, resistors, etc. are just as important in determining product performance and longevity as the quality of the LED.

More on LED Light Strips

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What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are a powerful design tool for any project. Flexible and varying in lengths, strip lights allow for easy customization, and are the perfect accent or task lighting solution for any indoor or outdoor, and commercial or residential application.

LED Strip Light or LED Tape Light

What is an LED strip light?

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board populated with surface mounted light emitting diodes (LEDs) that usually have adhesive backings to allow easy installation. They can be applied, almost anywhere, with peel-and-stick adhesive. For more complex installations, channel guides and mounting accessories are available.

LED strip lights are also known as LED tape lights or ribbon lights.

LED Strip Light Features

Cut To Length

Strips can be cut every few inches, allowing the best fit in any area without the worry of space requirement.


LED strip lights are flexible and easy to bend.  Some strips are also foldable, allowing 90 degree turns in a single run.

Color Options

LEDs are available in single color and color changing options. RGB strips provide optimal lighting customization.

Low Profile

Ultra thin profiles allow LED strips to be installed in tight areas and stay hidden from view.

Peel & Stick

Most, if not all, LED strip lighting has peel-and-stick adhesive on the back allowing easy installation on almost any surface.


LED strips are dimmable and compatible with most home automation and DMX systems, wall dimmers, and remote dimmers.

Damp & Wet Location

LED strip lights can be IP65 or IP68 rated for damp location or wet locations, making them great for outdoor use.


LED strip lights allow from optimal customization for your projects. Light up areas that once seemed impossible.

LED Strip Light Applications

Creating an LED strip light system

All LED strip lighting systems consist of 2 essential components—a strip light, and a power unit. Connectors, dimmers and other accessories are all optional and dependent on how you want to customize your system. LED strip lights can also be used with architectural channels and profiles to create create modern aesthetics in commercial and residential applications. Learn more »

If you are unsure of the parts required to achieve your desired LED strip light system, our representatives are available to help you create a “kit” customized for the design needs of your space. Contact us »

More on LED Light Strips

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Upgrade Parking Garage Lighting to LED

LED Parking Garage LightingAs a property owner, saving energy while enhancing safety for clients are extremely important. When the topic of energy savings arises, switching fluorescent and CFL bulbs to LED automatically comes to mind. LEDs are more energy efficient, have a longer rated life, and provide greater illumination. If you’re already using LED in the office or at your residence, you may be wondering, how can I save more when I’m already using the most updated lighting option? The lost opportunity is not from what you’re using, but rather where you’re not using it.

According to the Department of Energy, building owners spend more than $6 billion to light their parking lots and garages. Operating nearly 24/7, it is no surprise high operation costs and maintenance expenses are incurred. By upgrading traditional parking garage fixtures—metal halide, high pressure sodium, and linear fluorescent—to LED luminaries, significant advantages can be obtained in regard to finance and safety.

Financial Savings

In terms of financial savings in regards to lighting, energy reduction is a key component. LED lighting offers a 75% reduction in energy consumption in comparison to traditional lighting options; leading to nearly 60% savings in lighting costs. LED consumes nearly half as much energy as HID and fluorescent bulbs. They also outperform traditional bulbs by lasting 5 times as long. Due to their efficiency, LEDs are virtually maintenance-free for over a decade. This saves on maintenance expense, which can often rack up to large amounts—especially when immediate replacement is requested.

Metal HalideHigh Pressure SodiumLED
Energy Consumption150W – 175W100W – 150W26W – 80W
Rated Life10,000 – 15,000 hours24,000+ hours50,000 – 100,000 hours

Even Greater Savings—pair LED luminaires with dimmers and occupancy sensors. Dimming and instant on/off illumination is possible with LED lighting. No waiting for lamps to warm up before optimal illumination is emitted—even in cold temperatures.

Enhanced Safety

LED lighting provides uniform illumination with thorough coverage. Improved color rendering also assists in providing increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and clearer quality imaging on video cameras and safety systems.

Spectrum Health in Michigan updated their old sodium fixtures with high performing LEDs. Superior improvement in visibility and color rendering can be compared in the before and after images of the parking garage. Learn more about their upgrade at GE Lighting.


Time and Budget

Although parking garages utilize a large number luminaires, fixtures can be upgraded to LED on time and in budget with ease. Because garage ceiling heights are typically low, replacements require minimal lift and equipment—saving on maintenance time and expense.

Upgrades may seem costly; however, for most LED upgrades, companies realize project payback within two to three years.