Open Ceiling Lighting Design Ideas – Commercial Applications

Open Ceiling Lighting Design Ideas for Commercial Applications

Bare it all out with an open ceiling.

Aesthetic and trendy, open plenum layouts add character and create a spacious feel by increasing the height of the room. However, styling the industrial ceiling (beams, HVAC systems and all) with lighting fixtures and furnishings may be difficult. Check out some modern design ideas that complement open ceilings.

Commercial Offices

Neutral Open Ceiling with Pendants & Track Lighting
Neutral Ceiling with Pendants & Track Lighting

Paint your open ceiling a uniform light neutral color and pair with similar neutral colored fixtures. The office common area to the left uses cylindrical lighting fixtures to create a clean, modern look. The pendants and track fixtures do not overpower the design of the room, but rather complement the bold features—bright blue couch, special display case-esque lounge area.

Playtech – Kiev, Ukraine | Designed by Soesthetic Group

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WAC Lighting Tube Pendant

WAC Lighting Summit Track Head
Unfinished Industrial Open Ceiling with Linear LED & Pendants
Unfinished Industrial with Linear LED & Pendants

This office reception area really bares it all with an unfinished open ceiling style. Original silver HVAC ducts and dark concrete structures cover a modern yet retro styled interior. Similar to the office space above, lighting fixtures used in this space complement the room. Seemingly camouflaged, linear LED fixtures are strategically placed to elongate the segmented design and discord between the open structure ceiling and minimal interior. Simple cylindrical pendants are placed along the wall to indicate a separation from one area to the next.

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Nora Lighting 6" LED Cylinder

Architectural Linear LED
Sleek & Modern Open Ceiling Integration
Sleek & Modern Open Ceiling Integration

Unlike the previous two open ceiling designs, this office space hides all HVAC pipes and clutter with black. By doing so, the space in enhanced in two ways—aesthetics and space. Sleek, modern and minimal, linear lights are installed along the walls to elongate the room. Linear suspensions are installed above desk space for optimal work experience, and black cylindrical pendants are installed to light up walking and common area space.

Havas – Chicago, IL | Designed by Gary Lee Partners

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Contech LED CylinderLinear Surface MountLinear Suspensions


Retail Spaces

Open Ceilingn Wooden Beams with Linear Suspensions & Track Lighting
Open Wooden Beams with Linear Suspensions & Track Lighting

The ever-popular exposed wooden beams are not only hip, they add a certain atmosphere to a space. The beams in the grocery store shown embrace an organic and fresh feel. Fresh space, fresh produce—the most desired atmosphere to grocery shop in. This open ceiling application utilizes linear suspensions and track lights to create a bright open space for shopping.

Green Zebra – Portland, OR | Designed by King Retail Solutions

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Linear SuspensionsLightolier LLAB Spot Track Head
Vintage, Classic Open Ceiling Styling
Vintage, Classic Open Ceiling Styling

Concrete ceiling paired with black track lighting and nautical pendants embalm 1800s decor with notes of modern industrial accents. This vintage styled retail interior perfectly “suits” the suits being sold. Who knew industrial, warehouse-esque open ceilings could be integrated and transformed into modern vintage design?

Altinyildiz Classics – Turkey | Designed by CBTE Architecture

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Tech Lighting Admiral Nautical PendantWAC Track Lighting Head



Upscale, Modern Aesthetic Open Ceiling Restaurant
Upscale, Modern Aesthetic Open Ceiling

Transform open ceiling spaces into trendy and modern places for patrons to dine and wine. Oversized pendants, uniquely designed pendants, and track lighting are all used in the restaurant shown to create an energetic and modern dining area. There’s so much going on with the lighting and decor, the HVAC system is nearly invisible in the open structure ceiling.


The District on The Bloc – Los Angeles, CA | Designed by Shangri-La Construction

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Juno Trac-Master T1020 Gimbal Track Head

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Modern Industrial Open Ceiling Design
Industrial Open Ceiling Design

The classic styling of modern industrial interiors with an open ceiling—metal shade pendants, glass pendants over wooden bar counter. It’s as hipster as it gets.

Ex Novo Brewing – Portland, OR

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Metal Shade Pendant

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