Cable Lighting

Cable Lighting
Cable systems use tension mounted cables to support a variety of pendants and spotlights. The cables practically blend in with the surrounding, highlighting the decorative features rather than the hardware.


Components needed to put your cable lighting system together which include the cable itself, connectors, power feeds and supports.


Hang pendants from your cable lighting system to give it a decorative touch. Available in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Spot Heads

These cable lighting spot heads can be used to offer general lighting or to highlight architectural features or artwork.


Available as electronic or magnetic, these transformers help to power the cable lighting system. Can be surface mounted or remote mounted.


Accessories for cable lighting fixtures such as lenses, louvers and barndoors.

Cable Lighting Kits

Cable Lighting Kits include everything needed for a complete installation which eliminate the hassle of configuring a system from scratch.