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  1. White

    Inspired by nature, the die-cast aluminum leaf-like silhouette quickly gives way to an ultramodern aesthetic created by its inward firing LED light source and asymmetrical hollow center.

  2. Sati Nickel

    Intriguing design with a focus on high performance, this unique LED pendant is defined by its open center, thin metal frame and exposed geometrical heat sink. Inspired by the latest in automotive headlamp technology, when viewed from above, the center glows with a hint of illumination.

  3. White

    Modern glass sphere topped with glass detail.

  4. White, Small

    Sleek glass cone, available in large and small versions.

  5. Brown

    Elegant multitoned cylindrical shade comprised of natural shell panels. The shells are burnished to remove rough edges, meticulously polished, cut to size, and carefully adhered by hand to an inner glass cylinder.

  6. Black/ Smoke

    Antique meets modern with a turned ornate glass fount and simple tapered fabric shade with rolled edges.

  7. Latte / Antique Bronze

    Clean, modern cylindrical glass shade topped with a simple metal cap detail.

  8. Tahoe Pine Amber

    Gracefully shaped glass shade, richly layered in brilliant frit, with machined top detail.

  9. Tahoe Pine Amber

    Gracefully shaped glass shade, richly layered in brilliant frit, with machined top detail.

  10. Amber

    Craftsman-style four-sided seeded glass shade with black metal frame. Inner white shade.

  11. Red

    Case glass cone with reflective white interior or transparent glass cone.

  12. Amber

    Classic geometric cube shape made of pressed glass.

  13. Havan Brown / Down

    Transparent slumped glass plate floats around the exposed, secured MR16. May be mounted up or down.

  14. Almond

    Cylinder shaped shade, constructed of Indian silk with hand-rolled edges.

  15. Chartreuse

    Murano glass with frosted or case glass interior.

  16. Tahoe Pine Amber

    A colorful twist on our popular Fire pendant with brilliant frit glass.

  17. Amber

    The outer glass cylinder is meticulously etched and finished by hand in a four hour process. It surrounds an inner blown white glass diffuser which adds great visual depth and helps to showcase the carvings.

  18. Steel Blue

    Transparent glass disk floats around the exposed, secured MR16.

Grid  List