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  1. Aged Brass / White

    H175806 Milla 6-lt Chandelier

  2. Aged Brass / White

    H175805 Milla 5-lt Chandelier

  3. Aged Brass

    H134806 Estee 6-lt Chandelier

  4. Aged Brass

    H160804 Carrie 4-lt Chandelier

  5. Aged Brass / Black

    H178812 Astrid 12-lt Chandelier

  6. Aged Brass / Black

    H178808 Astrid 8-lt Chandelier

  7. Aged Brass / Black

    H178804 Astrid 4-lt Chandelier

  8. Aged Brass

    H122810 Ashleigh 10-lt LED Chandelier

  9. Polished Brass

    Our mantra in creating this fixture's basket-inspired weave was a marriage of global craft and modern geometry. Hexagons combine into circular form, suspended from matching polished brass chain links as an essential part of its design. Think of this as jewelry for the home.

  10. Vintage Silver

    We adapted our popular Athena sconce to create this ceiling fixture. Its mysterious glow is achieved by casting light on a caged crystal sphere via a hidden halogen bulb set above. Hang over a bedside table in lieu of the usual table lamp, in tall foyers, over dining tables, or wherever you seek to marry ambient light with feminine mystique.

  11. Antique Brass

    The Garfield Chandelier by Arteriors is a curvaceous beauty. Its open frame is defined by long Antique Brass stems that loop out from a shared hub and culminate in a series of Frosted glass globes. The flat surfaces have a pointed circular pattern, adding a hint of playful transitional aesthetic.

  12. Vintage Brass

    This 12-light chandelier draws inspiration from nature, its antique brass form mimicking a budding plant or blossom. The traditional tiered frame paired with the curved plates and petite studs combine beautifully. The polished brass interior peeks through, visible at different angles, giving purveyors a moment of intrigue as the study the unique design.

  13. Antique Brass

    This six-light chandelier features a hammered dome that floats effortlessly in the air. The antique brass disc is accented with clear crystal spokes around the hand-cut edge. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  14. Antique Brass

    This 14-light chandelier features a classic antique brass frame with a twist. The frosted shades boast a new technique, linen etched glass that is silently beautiful, attracting a second glance from the most jaded design lovers. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  15. Antique Brass

    Stout in stature, Gretta offers a unique interpretation of the tiered chandelier. The arms extend to reveal antique brass rings that house individual bulbs. Curved glass rods cascade down each side of the rings, a unique design feature that feels modernistic. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  16. Antique Brass

    Delicate in nature, the Griffith Chandelier balances a severe bronze finish with an elegant antique brass frame. The bronze plates face upwards, diffusing the light and creating a warm, even glow. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  17. Antique Brass

    This four-light chandelier features a traditional frame paired with contemporary design details. The antique brass cage and single crystal drop make the piece feel current. The white linen shade feels extra crisp next to the warm brass. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  18. Antique Brass

    Contemporary design details like antique brass and smoke glass update this tiered chandelier that resembles a modern day candelabra. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  19. Antique Brass

    The interplay between bronze and antique brass is a favorite this season. Not for the faint of heart, the Hardy boasts a spider-like frame that is accented with curved spears. This 18-light stunner would look great in a room filled with collected art work and other relics. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  20. Antique Brass

    Antique brass and clear acrylic are the perfect pair on this eight-light chandelier. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  21. Polished Brass

    This five-light chandelier is the epitome of elevated simplicity. The delicate frame leads way to frosted glass orbs that seemingly float in the air, creating a cerebral effect. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  22. Antique Brass

    Elevate your dining experience with this 12-light chandelier. Perfect over an oversized island or dining table, this satin nickel design features frosted glass diffusers that create a cool, modern feel. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  23. Antique Brass

    The Helena Chandelier is regal yet serene. The antique brass canopy and frame add richness while tiers of cascading glass create a soothing waterfall effect. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

  24. Pale Brass

    A new take on the globe chandelier, the Henderson features 17 lights orbiting three visual planes. The pale brass frame is complimented with seedy glass globes. Approved for use in covered outdoor areas.

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