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  1. Antique Silver

    Palla 6-light Chandelier

  2. Champagne Semi-Flushmount

    Paris Flea Market 3-lt Mini Chandelier/Semi-Flushmount

  3. Distressed Twilight

    Garland 8-light Chandelier

  4. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 12-light Chandelier

  5. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 4-light Mini Chandelier

  6. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 6-light Chandelier

  7. English Bronze

    Solaris 3-light Mini Chandelier

  8. English Bronze

    Solaris 6-light Chandelier

  9. Olde Silver

    Solaris 6-light Large Chandelier

  10. English Bronze

    Astro 4-lt Chandelier

  11. Wet White

    Parson 6-light Chandelier

  12. Chrome

    4 Light Island with Chrome finish- Perforated Steel w/Crystals and Clear/Inside Etched Diffuser

  13. Satin Nickel

    Make a dramatic statement with this elegant suspension fixture. Six 'batons' of varying length and angles capture their signature twirling motion in stunning still life.

  14. Satin Nickel

    Discs of transparent crystal with sandblasted interior and decorative metal accents suspended from a rectilinear canopy.

  15. Brushed Nickel

    The Madison collection features etched glass with transitional elements. Simplified vintage style. Three-light linear chandelier with white etched glass. Glass can be reversed to cast light up or down.

  16. Polished Chrome

    E20294-10 Chic 16-light Chandelier

  17. Opal

    Our artisans fashion our seven-armed Flora Chandelier here in Vermont. A single tendril wraps around the light stems as the lights themselves all turn up gently toward the sky, like the waiting for the first rays of the morning sun to slip over the green mountains.

  18. Dark Smoke

    There's a sense of strength and permanence when you look at a classic example of hand-worked iron. There's definitely something to be said for it and that's why we're still saying it today with our large, 10-light, circular New Town Chandelier.

  19. Dark Smoke

    There's no need to make a choice between form and function - as part of the Cirque Collection, this large chandelier delivers both. Two concentric orbs are hand-forged into eight tapered steel petals merging at the sculpture's apex.

  20. Opal

    Bold geometry is in play for our Moreau Chandelier. Angular shapes of forged steel support seven lights. Crafted by artisans here at our Vermont forge, each piece is unique.

  21. Dark Smoke

    Finely formed, 10 steel arms curve upward to support slender glass that look like the tulip buds that might be found in the town of Lisse in Holland. Inspired by Holland, but crafted by artisans here at our Vermont forge, each piece is unique.

  22. Natural Iron

    Our 6-arm Simple Sweep Chandelier is a celebration of our roots. Hubbardton Forge's design team is well-versed in classic iron creations. Designed to look candle-powered, they've improved upon tradition and added some Edison influence.

  23. Bronze

    We challenge you to keep your eyes fixed on just one section of this fixture. The hand-shaped steel ribbons and tubes create the visual illusion of movement. Let your eyes follow graceful curves that flow to and from the bell-shaped glass down-lights.

  24. Mahogany

    Our 5-arm chandelier isn't the traditional shape of a trellis, but it serves the same purpose for the iron "vines" twining around the steel arms that hold water glass bowls of light. Hand-forged and shaped by our artisans here in Vermont, our Trellis adds a slight twist to the classic chandelier.

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