Flush / Semi-Flush

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  1. Aged Brass

    The motorcycle is a potent piece of American mythology, its engine and mufflers roaring and snarling from the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters. Proud owners travel in packs to enjoy the beauty of the land and admire each other’s meticulously maintained machines. It’s possible, in Desmond’s angle-cut arms and knurled bulb base, to see an homage to this iconic vehicle.

  2. Aged Brass

    The luxe of Versailles is alive in this stunning collection. Dripping with prisms of crystal and finished with a robust crystal finial, Crawford conjures the glamour of this famous palace. In its chandelier form, the column is adorned with billows of crystal along the column. In our usual way, we have cut away at some of the excess, freeing the essential spirit of the piece to shine through.

  3. Silver Leaf

    Tulah’s multifaceted asymmetrical design is hand crafted with artisan details. Its beauty unfolds in layers, revealing delicately scalloped canopies, a lustrous Silver Leaf finish, and dazzling faceted clear crystal embellishments adding the perfect amount of sparkle.

  4. Silver Leaf

    High impact glamour pairs with artisan craftsmanship to create Anya’s chic silhouette. A free-form pattern of connected circles in varying sizes exude an effervescent, organic elegance. Sparkling faceted crystals are individually placed within Silver Leaf rings, radiating luxury and drama from every angle.

  5. Aged Brass

    A stunning modernist arrangement of converging x-y axes, Fleming contains a slight allusion to the Bauhaus in the oblate spheroid shape of its shades. Just as that famous school sought to merge form and function, our Fleming sends warm LED light in numerous directions while making a strong visual impression.

  6. Aged Brass

    The dome, the arch, the vault—all intrinsically hallowed forms that resonate in the human mind. Our Boca family traces iconic arcs in each direction in a gorgeous contemporary fixture. At either end of each arc are unique spherical glass diffusers. Metal on the top half, layered on the bottom, each one contains a one-of-a-kind assortment of bubbles. Clear on the outside, etched on the inside, these orbs provide dimension and depth to the LED light spilling out from within them.

  7. Satin Nickel

    Schoolhouse 1-lt Semi Flush Mount

  8. Weathered Zinc

    Cast Iron Pipe 4-lt Semi Flush Mount

  9. Aged Black Nickel

    Freeform 6-lt Semi Flush Mount

  10. Aged Black Nickel

    Freeform 5-lt Semi Flush Mount

  11. Polished Nickel / White Glass

    Chadwick 2-lt LED Flush Mount

  12. Polished Nickel

    Chadwick 2-lt Flush Mount

  13. Polished Nickel

    Solara 4-lt Semi Flush Mount

  14. Polished Chrome

    Snowburst 13-lt Semi Flush Mount

  15. Polished Chrome

    Snowburst 6-lt Semi Flush Mount

  16. Chrome

    Molecular 18-lt Semi Flush Mount

  17. Standard

    Molecular 7-lt Semi Flush Mount

  18. Polished Chrome

    Starburst 6-lt Semi Flush Mount

  19. Polished Chrome - Small

    Starburst Flush Mount

  20. Matte White

    For those who prefer round shapes, we have recreated our bestelling puzzle range without sharp edges, improving the numerable lighting effects that can be created.

  21. Vintage Brass

    Single LED flush mount ceiling fixture with square white opal glass.

  22. Brushed Nickel

    Single LED flush mount ceiling fixture with round white opal glass.

  23. White

    PLUS acts like a real skylight, simulating the sun’s rays filtering through the ceiling.

  24. Chrome

    83958 Gorve 16" LED Flushmount

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