Monorail Lighting

Monorail Lighting
Monorail lighting systems are where flexibility meets beauty. Monorail tracks are bendable to shapes that you desire, adding a customized feel for your environment. Complete the system with large selections of beautifully designed pendants and functional spotlights.


Components for single circuit and two circuit monorail including monorail sections, connectors and power feed canopies.


Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to meet any d├ęcor whether it be modern or traditional. For use on single circuit or two circuit monorail. Additional adapters may be required.

Spot Heads

Spot head fixtures can be used to provide general lighting or to highlight artwork and architectural details. Adjustable aiming allows you to provide light in the exact spot you need it.


Transformers help to power the monorail system. They are offered as remote mount or surface mount and come in electronic or magnetic configurations.


Once you have the monorail system installed, you can accessorize your spot heads with various accessories such as shades, shields, lenses and louvers.

Monorail Lighting Kits

These monorail lighting kits have all the components necessary for installation - eliminating the hassle of configuring a system from scratch.