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  1. Satin Nickel

    Elegant natural onyx shade that offers a warm glow with ornate solid brass detail.

  2. Antique Bronze

    Nautical inspired mariner light with white glass diffuser, classic cage and rain guard detail.

  3. Antique Bronze

    Carriage light inspired hand-welded metal cap with cylindrical glass shade and metal ring detail.

  4. Satin Nickel

    Industrial-inspired dome shaped metal shade.

  5. Amber / Antique Bronze

    Octagonal flared glass shade ships with optional decorative metal detail.

  6. Antiqu Bronze

    Acorn-shaped Holophane prismatic glass diffuses light throughout the pendant to reduce glare and enhance visual comfort. Directs majority of light downward. Also allows specifically controlled amount of light to pass through sides, increasing light levels in the space and reducing contrast between task and general lighting.

  7. Steel Blue

    Handblown Venetian teardrop shaped glass with beautiful clear draw.

  8. Amethyst

    Hand-carved, blown-glass cylinder with inner glass diffuser.

  9. Steel Blue

    Transparent glass disk floats around the exposed, secured MR16.

  10. Amber

    Five crystal bangles surround an inner glass diffuser. Hundreds of facets are precisely handcut into each bracelet to create the elegant details that truly set this design apart.

  11. Amber

    The outer glass cylinder is meticulously etched and finished by hand in a four hour process. It surrounds an inner blown white glass diffuser which adds great visual depth and helps to showcase the carvings.

  12. Brown

    Teardrop shaped glass with caramelized exterior finish.

  13. Onyx

    Onyx cylinder provides a warm textured look.

  14. Satin Nickel

    Cheer pendant with clear glass globe and fused center tube.

  15. Clear

    Cheers pendant with seven clear glass globes with fused center tubes suspended from one central hub.

  16. Red

    Case glass cone with reflective white interior or transparent glass cone.

  17. Honey Onyx / Antique Bronze

    Rectangular onyx shade with metal frame.

  18. Steel Blue

    Delicate Moroccan inspired silhouette of Italian handblown, transparent glass surrounds a unique lowvoltage Edison style lamp. Adds warm beauty to any space.

  19. Steel

    Inspired by the sheen of big city str eets and intersections illuminated at night. Composed of raw sheet steel protected with a clear lacquer coat and accented by brass spot welding at the joints, it has a purp sefully imperfect, rugged, industrial design.

  20. Amber

    Classic geometric cube shape made of pressed glass.

  21. Olive Green/ Down

    Transparent slumped glass plate floats around the exposed, secured MR16. May be mounted up or down.

  22. Tech Mini Echo Low Voltage Pendant (Freejack)

    Translucent cylinder over a white case glass cylinder, highlighted with three metal details.

  23. Sand

    Individually slumped glass panels joined with a metal frame.

  24. Almond

    Cylinder shaped shade, constructed of Indian silk with hand-rolled edges.

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