Spot Heads

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  1. Tech T156 Low Voltage Head (Freejack)

    High-tech head swivels 360°; head tilts in yoke.

  2. Satin Nickel

    Clean-lined head rotates 360° around stem; pivots 340°.

  3. Satin Nickel

    Adjustable double head tilts and rotates infinitely.

  4. Right

    Specification grade head with precision internal gearing mechanisms that allow for hot aiming and are self-locking.

  5. Satin Nickel

    Adjustable head tilts and rotates infinitely.

  6. Amber

    Modern head surrounded by a translucent glass orb. Head rotates 360°, pivots 260° to direct the beam.

  7. All Colors

    Clean European-inspired head with a plated or matte painted finish.

  8. Antique Bronze

    Sleek Sprocket, with its removable handle, has many accessory options.

  9. Satin Nickel

    Classic head rotates 360° around stem, pivots 290°.

  10. Satin Nickel

    Minimal stylish head rotates 360° and pivots 180°. Eggcrate louver included.

  11. Satin Nickel

    A highly adjustable, minimal head rotates 360° around stem, swivels 240° at "elbow"; lamp pivots 240°.

  12. Antique Bronze

    Tele telescopes from 9" to 25" to bring the light right where you need it.

  13. Satin Nickel

    Simple, industrial-inspired head puts light where you need it. Machined aluminum and brass housings create crisp edges.

  14. Satin Nickel

    Directs the beam right where you want it. Head swivels 220°, pivots on vertical and horizontal axes.

  15. With SORAA LED

    Simple geometries converge in this modern head that has been specifically designed to employ the SORAA LED MR16 lamp and to celebrate its design characteristics.

  16. Satin Nickel

    Inspired by advanced aerodynamics, this sleek LED head features a die-cast aluminum tail which also serves as its heat sink.

  17. Tinkerbell

    Dozens of design possibilities. Accessories in myriad styles and colors allow you to create the ideal custom element (accessory required; sold separately). Aero's head rotates 360°, pivots 260° to direct the beam. Removable glass handle.

  18. Satin Nickel / Hurricane Amber

    Warehouse-inspired adjustable head that can be customized with multiple accessory options (required, sold separately); rotates 360°, pivots 90°.

  19. Dichroic Glass

    Flexible minimalist head with multiple accessory options; rotates 360°, pivots 90°. Low­voltage, MR16 lamp of up to 50 watts (not included). Works with SORAA. 

  20. High-Tech Wire PAR20

    Nora NRS18-176 High-Tech Wire Die-Cast PAR20 Rail Fixture

  21. Robo Cylinder LED Rail Fixture

    Nora NRE-820L Robo Cylinder LED Rail Fixture

  22. Penumbra Low Voltage Fixture

    Nora NRS33-901 Penumbra Low Voltage AR111 Rail Fixture

  23. Skyteam Thick Low Voltage Fixture

    Nora NRS33-902 Skyteam with Thick Ring Low Voltage AR111 Rail Fixture

  24. Argon Curve Low Voltage Fixture

    Nora NRS36-101 Argon Curve Sloped Conical MR16 Rail Fixture

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