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Crystorama Lighting was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. At first the company was an importer of crystal chandeliers from Bohemia in Northern Czechoslovakia. The contemporary crystal chandeliers that Crystorama now produce use the latest technology combined with old world knowledge to produce luminous crystal with precision cutting and finer light refraction. The design and manufacturing of rock chandeliers needs years of experience and focused craftsmanship.  Crystorama chandeliers incorporate long-established designs and use molds and patterns to maintain the tradition of their forefathers.

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  1. Sage/Rose

    Southport 1-lt Mini Pendant

  2. English Bronze

    Solaris 9-light Chandelier

  3. Olde Silver

    Solaris 6-light Large Chandelier

  4. English Bronze

    Solaris 6-light Chandelier

  5. English Bronze

    Solaris 3-light Mini Chandelier

  6. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 6-light Chandelier

  7. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 4-light Mini Chandelier

  8. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 12-light Chandelier

  9. Distressed Twilight

    Shelby 1-light Mini Pendant

  10. Wet White

    Parson 6-light Chandelier

  11. English Bronze

    Parson 3-light Mini Chandelier

  12. Champagne Semi-Flushmount

    Paris Flea Market 3-lt Mini Chandelier/Semi-Flushmount

  13. Antique White

    Paris Flea 6-lt Hand Cut Crystal Semi-Flushmount

  14. Antique Silver

    Palla 8-light Chandelier

  15. Antique Silver

    Palla 6-light Chandelier

  16. Antique Silver

    Palla 2-light Semi-flush Ceiling Mount / Wall Sconce

  17. Antique Silver

    Palla 1-light Pendant

  18. English Bronze

    Wrought iron chandelier with hand cut crystal

  19. Antique Brass

    Drum shaped fixture that can be used as a hanging pendant or semi-flush mount.

  20. Distressed Twilight

    Garland Ceiling Flushmount

  21. Distressed Twilight

    Garland 8-light Chandelier

  22. Chrome

    Flow Single Tier Crystal Pendant

  23. Wet White

    5-lt round pendant with rose designs

  24. Wet White

    3-lt bowl shaped semi-flush mount with rose designs

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