Eiko logoLamps are EiKO’s business.  Since 1978 we’ve been providing only the best lighting in what has grown to include the automotive, industrial, electrical, electronic, audio/video, photographic and health care industries.  Our company culture encourages our employees to take an active part in ensuring that our customers experience our motto “Selection. Solutions. Simplicity.” every time they interact. EiKO has the broadest selection of any manufacturer in its class. We cover a wide array of industries such as electrical, commercial, automotive, audio visual, medical, photographic and stage/studio. EiKO is staffed with industry-experienced specialists who bring both expertise and common sense to a business relationship. We present practical solutions that look towards future growth and profitability. Marketing tools, inventory control, cost-cutting operations methods and Certified Green products are all examples of how EiKO partners with customers to help solve their pressing issues. Business with EiKO is an exercise in Simplicity. We partner with our customers to provide a smooth, seamless method to grow their sales and profits through our EDI capabilities, quick and personal response time, no SPA requirements, a free drop-ship program that protects your dating terms and a customer-friendly ordering process.

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