Cooper Lighting

Cooper Lighting
Eaton’s Cooper Lighting offers a broad range of indoor and outdoor luminaires that cater to customers across the board, from commercial and industrial to residential markets. Cooper Lighting excels at offering energy efficient, high-performing fixtures. Check out some of their most popular subsidiary brands like Halo, Lumiere, Metalux and more.


Halo Lighting has a 50 year history of offering innovative products and affordable pricing, making it one of the most contractor-friendly names in the industry. Specializing in surface mounted, recessed and track lighting, Halo Lighting continues to expand its product line for commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications.


With a wide selection of accent lights, in-ground lights, step lights and area lights, Lumiere has established itself as the architectural and landscape lighting brand of choice for many design professionals. Their fixtures are designed to be small, adaptable, rugged and attractive.


For over eighty years, McGraw-Edison has offered a broad range of high performance architectural luminaires for outdoor applications. They specialize in area lighting, parking lots, security and flood lighting.


Metalux is an industry leader for high performance fluorescent lighting such as recessed lensed troffers, parabolic troffers, strip lights and surface mount fluorescent. Many are used for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail markets.


Lumark offers a full line of commercial and industrial high intensity discharge (HID) lighting products such as flood, motion activated, worklights and area lighting. They are popularly used for supermarkets, factories, warehouses and other industrial and commercial applications.


Porfolio specializes in architectural and commercial recessed downlighting with a variety of lamping options such as incandescent, halogen, HID and LED. Their commitment to creating innovative products make them a popular choice for many trade professionals.


Sure-Lites provides exit and emergency lighting for all sorts of commercial applications like hotels, restaurants, office buildings and gyms. These lights are designed to meet or exceed building codes while keeping installation and maintenance costs to a minimum.


Featuring superior construction and a variety of sizes, lamping options, and optics to choose from, IRiS lighting has established itself as the go-to brand for recessed lighting that meets the demands of the upscale residential marketplace.


Corelite features an array of indirect/direct linear, recessed and surface lighting that are perfectly suited to the creation of task friendly environments like offices, schools, hospitals and conference rooms.


Established in 1942, Neo-Ray is well known for architectural indirect/direct linear, recessed and surface lighting that are popularly used in schools, libraries, offices and other commercial applications.


For over 10 years, RSA has been the industry leader for recessed and surface mounting lighting systems that have made it a popular choice for architects, specifiers and designers. The recessed trims and housings, wall washing and wall grazing products are offered in multiple configurations to accommodate almost any application.


Fail-Safe is the go-to-brand for specialty applications such as correctional facilities, clean rooms, public access and hospitals. Their engineering expertise also includes fixtures for the medical industry, security lighting, control systems and specialty hardware.