Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Lighting
Since its beginning in 1888, Hubbell Lighting has acquired over 23 lighting brands, making it one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America. Together, the Hubbell Lighting brands offer products for every commercial and industrial application, from practical emergency and exit lighting to artistic lighting plans to enhance any space.

Hubbell Outdoor

Established in 1963, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has built a reputation as an industry leader by offering a wide range of products such as landscape lighting, flood lighting, roadway, security lighting and area/site lights.

Columbia Lighting

Columbia Lighting offers a wide range of commercial and industrial fluorescent fixtures that have been used in office, educational, retail, and health care applications.

Kim Lighting

For over 80 years, Kim Lighting has provided high quality, high-performance architectural and landscape lighting products such as roadway, pedestrian, low-level and building mounted solutions that are suitable for a variety of commercial applications.


Litecontrol is well known for their architectural suspended and recessed fluorescent and LED luminaires. They also specialize in wall/slot lighting. These product options make it an ideal choice for a variety of commercial applications like schools, offices, retail, hospitality and other public spaces.

Alera Lighting

Alera Lighting offers architectural LED and fluorescent lighting such as linear suspended, recessed, surface and wall mounted fixtures for commercial use in offices, retail, education, health care, corporate campus, places of worship and youth centers.

Beacon Products

Beacon Products specializes in roadway, parking and area luminaires, as well as poles and bollards that are suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.


Compass offers exit and emergency lighting systems that are value-driven and contractor-friendly, making it a popular choice among trade professionals.

Kurt Versen

Kurt Versen is known for their architectural specification-grade downlighting fixtures that have been speced by architects and designers for a wide range of office, retail, government, entertainment, hospitality and institutional applications.


Since 1944, Prescolite has been servicing the residential and commercial markets with its wide range of recessed, surface and track lighting products.


Dual-Lite offers a broad selection of commercial and industrial life safety products such as exit and emergency systems that are aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving.