Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting
For 25 years, Tech Lighting has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and innovative contemporary decorative fixtures. Their imaginatively articulate fusion of art and science in design demands a double take. Browse top quality Tech Lighting LED lights, pendants, and other fixtures and discover LBCLighting’s unmatchable prices.

Suspension Lights

Includes Tech Lighting's collection of line voltage and low pendants with different lamping option such as halogen, CFL, and LED. The low voltage pendants can be mounted on various Tech Lighting systems such as Monorail and Kable Lite.

Ceiling Lights

Create bold, unique expressions overhead with Tech Lighting's ceiling collection featuring a variety of flush mounts and semi-flush mounts.

Wall Lights

Beautiful and versatile. Bring cohesion throughout your space with an additional layer of lighting with Tech Lighting's collection of wall sconces and bath lights.

Display Lights

Stylish, flexible solutions combine aesthetics with function and control to make your display come to life.

Monorail - One Circuit

The low-voltage, hand-bendable rail system lets you shape your vision to compliment or contrast any architectural feature or style. Able to accommodate a wide variety of spot lights and pendants.

Monorail - Two Circuit

Two circuit monorail gives you two independently controllable, low-voltage circuits on a hand-bendable rail for maximum flexibility and design.

Wall Monorail

The Wall Monorail System is a low voltage single circuit system that perfectly suits gallery style illumination, bringing focus to artwork, display merchandise or signage. It can also be ceiling mounted for a more flush version of monorail.

Kable Lite

Create your own artistic illusion of floating lights with Kable Lite. Integrated parallel, low-voltage cables virtually disappear when installed.

Spot Heads

The ultimate in design flexibility. Elevate any space throughout the home or commercial environment with the low-voltage spot heads that can be used on Tech Lighting's Monorail, Kable Lite and Wall Monorail system.

LED Lights

After years of research and development, Tech is integrating LED modules into over 40 signature pendants and head design. Both solutions are available for use on their industry leading architectural grade low-voltage lighting systems such as Monorail, Wall Monorail and Kable Lite.


Complement and enhance existing fixtures with a selection of accessories such as glass shields and optical controls.

Gatica System

Gatica is a uniquely flexible and modular LED lighting system that combines aimable general illumination, wall wash and spot lighting, integrated controls and emergency backup – all in a highly configurable system that beautifully integrates into its surroundings. Perfect for use in commercial spaces like offices, art galleries and hotels.

Element Recessed

Element, a division of Tech Lighting, was launched as a smartly engineered line of specification-grade downlights backed by the best service in the industry, offered at an excellent value. The recessed downlights are available in various sizes and lamping options.

Element Merge

The latest addition to Element is the Merge Recessed Linear System. The recessed lines of uniform, glare-free LED light can be designed to make 90° turns in the same place or perpendicular transitions from ceiling to wall for enhanced architectural interest.