Pendant Lights

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  1. Steel

    Inspired by the sheen of big city str eets and intersections illuminated at night. Composed of raw sheet steel protected with a clear lacquer coat and accented by brass spot welding at the joints, it has a purp sefully imperfect, rugged, industrial design.

  2. Frost

    Classic geometric cube shape made of pressed glass.

  3. Smoke

    Translucent cylinder over a white case glass cylinder, highlighted with three metal details.

  4. Sand

    Individually slumped glass panels joined with a metal frame.

  5. Red

    Rich, translucent Murano glass surrounds a small frost raindrop glass.

  6. Chartreuse

    Murano glass with frosted or case glass interior.

  7. Tahoe Pine Amber

    A colorful twist on our popular Fire pendant with brilliant frit glass.

  8. Satin Nickel

    Cut crystal cylinder is draped with Le Labo chain maille from Paris to create a dramatic and unique pendant. Hand-blown inner glass helps diffuse the light.

  9. Crystal

    Stunning hand-etched, mouth blown outer transparent glass shade with inner glass diffuser.

  10. White, Small

    Sleek glass cone, available in large and small versions.

  11. Natural

    Elegant multitoned cylindrical shade comprised of natural shell panels. The shells are burnished to remove rough edges, meticulously polished, cut to size, and carefully adhered by hand to an inner glass cylinder.

  12. Antique Bronze

    Captures light in motion. The sleek metal surface is lasercut with several horizontal cutouts which allow light to shine through the inner white case glass diffuser.

  13. Satin Nickel

    Crisp, pressed crystal pendant with hand-blown innner white glass diffuser.

  14. Frost

    Rectangular pressed glass shade.

  15. Smoke

    Handblown Venetian cone shaped glass with rich, opaque color at the base which transitions into a beautiful clear draw at the top.

  16. Large

    Sleek satin nickel metal cone, available in large and small versions.

  17. Steel Blue / Large

    Slender, organic-shaped glass with vertical stringers to add depth and dimension.

  18. Satin Nickel

    A large, sleek cylindrical, metal shade provides crisp down light.

  19. Clear

    Transparent cylinder shade.

  20. White

    Translucent organza drum with inner glass cylinder to provide a soft wash of light.

  21. Steel Blue

    Transparent cylinder shade over a white case glass cylinder.

  22. White

    Slender case glass shade topped with metal detail.

  23. Steel Blue

    Rich translucent glass surrounds a frost glass diffuser.

  24. White

    Clean pure style with presence. A long cylindrical glass shade topped with a simple metal cap detail, suspended from a round canopy.

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