Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge
1974...It was year of the Watergate scandal, The Sting was a box-office hit, and aspiring artists and entrepreneurs George Chandler and Reed Hampton fired up their first blacksmithing forge in a drafty old Vermont barn. With anvils, swage blocks, trip hammers and other tools from a bygone era, the two set out to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art. Their innovative designs became recognized for their simplicity and integrity. From these humble beginnings, one of the most respected brands in the industry was born. Today, Hubbardton Forge is the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country with a team of over 200 people creating hand-forged lighting of timeless beauty and artistry…an American wrought-iron renaissance.
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  1. Opal
    Price From: $431.20

    Metra 2-lt Flush Ceiling Mount

  2. Burnished Steel/ Opal
    Price From: $431.20

    Flora 2-lt Flush Ceiling Mount

  3. Dark Smoke/ Amber Swirl

    Intersections Pendant with adjustable stem and square canopy kit.

  4. Opal
    Price From: $926.20

    Flora 7-lt Chandelier

  5. Dark Smoke

    New Town 10-lt Chandelier

  6. Dark Smoke

    Double Cirque 8-lt Chandelier

  7. Opal

    Moreau 7-lt Chandelier

  8. Dark Smoke

    Lisse 10-lt Chandelier

  9. Natural Anna & Natural Linen

    Exos 2-lt Semi-Flush Ceiling Mount

  10. Dark Smoke

    Helix 3-lt adjustable LED pendant with acrylic diffuser

  11. Dark Smoke

    Corona 6-lt Pendant

  12. Burnished Steel

    Bento 6-lt LED Pendant

  13. Dark Smoke

    Finn 1-lt Pendant

  14. Vintage Platinum

    Staccato 1-lt Low Voltage Pendant

  15. Vintage Platinum

    Hood 1-lt Low Volt Pendant

  16. Dark Smoke

    Helix 1-lt LED Pendant

  17. Clear Glass

    Pluto 1-lt Pendant

  18. Vintage Platinum

    Erlenmeyer 1-lt Low Voltage Pendant

  19. Vintage Platinum

    Erlenmeyer 1-lt Low Voltage Pendant

  20. Natural Iron

    Simple Sweep 3-lt Chandelier

  21. Natural Iron

    Simple Sweep 6-lt Chandelier

  22. Dark Smoke

    Erlenmeyer 1-lt Pendant

  23. Opal
    Price From: $550.00

    Brindille 1-lt Pendant

  24. Natural Iron

    Simple Lines 3-lt Chandelier

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