Desk & Task Lamps

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  1. Moss Grey

    Using the same double-clip mechanism of the original, this scaled-down model allows easy height adjustment and 360º shade rotation to fit the needs of any room or user. The base of the table model has been fitted with a black rubber sleeve to prevent cold-contact between the metal and the table, and to impart additional stability.

  2. Black

    The fluidity of its movements and its total stability make this flexible fitting a light source which can be moved anywhere without cluttering your desk or taking up too much valuable space. Its integrated LED technology allows one to direct the beam with the utmost precision, for a light that is both focused and warm, yet highly useful.

  3. White

    A combination of basic geometric shapes and the use of wood together with metal give this range of lamps a homely appearance, at the same time as a clearly defined personality.

  4. Beechwood

    Leucos LEVA LED Table Lamp

  5. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp

  6. Black

    Artemide Tizio Classic Table Lamp

  7. Black

    Artemide Tizio LED Table Lamp

  8. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Micro LED Table Lamp

  9. Black

    Artemide Tizio Micro Table Lamp

  10. White

    Artemide Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp with Base

  11. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp with Base

  12. White

    Artemide Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp with Base

  13. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Mini LED Table Lamp with Base

  14. Brushed Aluminum / Natural Concrete

    Onus LED Table Lamp

  15. Brushed Aluminum

    Sero LED Table Lamp

  16. Oiled Walnut

    Alo LED Table Lamp

  17. Chestnut

    1 Table Lamp with Chestnut Finish and Poly Carbonate Shade

  18. Brushed Nickel

    1 Light Table Lamp w/Metal

  19. Brushed Nickel

    1 Light Accent Task Lamp w/Metal Shade

  20. Brushed Nickel

    1 Light LED Table with Brushed Nickel Finish and Metal Shade

  21. Bronze

    2+1 Light Table Lamp/Adjustable Reading Lamp w/Ivory Mobuka Fabric Shade

  22. Honey Gold

    LED Table Lamp with Honey Gold, Chocolate Chrome, Copper Bronze Patina, Chrome, Brushed Nickel finish

  23. Chrome

    1 Light LED Table Lamp with Chrome, Copper Bronze Patina, Brushed Nickel, Chocolate Chrome, Honey Gold finish and Metal Shade.

  24. Chrome

    1 Light LED Table Lamp with Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Chocolate Chrome, Cooper Bronze Patina finish and Metal Shade

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