Desk & Task Lamps

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  1. Brown

    Basanite 1-lt Table Lamp

  2. Colors

    Null Vector conveys full synthesis between optical and mechanical performance. The whole frame is generated from the progressive expansion of an individual perforating and shearing mould. This matrix has a perforated pattern that performs three functions: luminous, perceptive, and mechanical.

  3. Bronze

    Styling up to the task. Designed with a streamlined appealing profile, this LED lamp combines both function and aesthetic for the desktops of modern offices and nightstands in bedrooms of luxury homes.

  4. Brushed Aluminum

    Minimalism as an art form. This modern task light adjusts smoothly and easily with grace and sophistication while integrating an LED module and movable arm. Dimming is easy with a fingertip touch dimmer. Perfect for reading and other task applications.

  5. Flat LED Table Lamp

    This minimalist, modern task lamp incorporates an LED module with an adjustable arm that makes it the ideal luminaire for desktops, countertops and other work and reading surfaces.

  6. Black

    Flexible versatility greets a chic composition. The adjustable swing arm fully dimmable LED luminaire blends function with vibrant aesthetics.

  7. Polished Nickel

    The Aston architect’s lamp, true to the modernist ethos that finds beauty in functional forms, is as innovative and attractive now as it was in 1929 when Edouard-Wilfrid Buquet first popularized the design. Immortalized in the Museum of Modern Art, the counterbalance swing-arm lamp remains a style icon for how intelligently it harnesses a fluid range of motion from its linear form.

  8. Aged Silver

    Whether a woodworker or a machinist, turn-of-the-century tradesmen required bright, focused lighting. Girard displays the innovative spirit that created task lighting solutions for America’s workshops. With its functional beauty, Girard makes a fine addition to a contemporary interior. A metal shade directs light towards the task area and shields eyes from glare, while the double-hinged arm allows ample adjustment of the lighting space.

  9. White Faux Silk/Aged Brass

    As functional as it is visually compelling, Higgins’ offset design has a special benefit. Set on a desktop, the table lamp preserves space for shuffling papers, while the floor lamp leaves ample elbowroom to read comfortably. An industrial style base anchors Higgins with vintage appeal.

  10. Shiny White

    0750 Vibia Flex 32-1/2" LED Table Lamp

  11. Matt White

    0751 Vibia Flex 32-1/2" LED Table Lamp

  12. Shiny White

    0755 Vibia Flex 31" LED Table Lamp

  13. Matt White

    0756 Vibia Flex 31" LED Table Lamp

  14. White Lacquer

    0700 Vibia I.CONO 11" Table Lamp

  15. Black Lacquer

    0705 Vibia I.CONO 33-1/2" Table Lamp

  16. Black

    LS-22780 Table Lamp with Outlet and USB Charging Port

  17. Dark Bronze

    LS-22538 Table Lamp with Outlet

  18. Satin Steel

    LS-3356 Table Lamp with Outlet and Dataport

  19. Silver

    LS-22375 Table Lamp with Outlet

  20. Black

    LSM-181 5-Diopter Magnifier Lamp

  21. Black

    LSC-163 Combination Table Lamp

  22. Polished Brass

    Zaneen Classic Table Lamp

  23. Satin Aluminum

    Quattro® is precisely poised perfection of pure geometry, mechanical innovation, and revolutionary Flat Panel technology.

  24. Satin Nickel

    The Thick Thin collection epitomizes the linear beauty of classic modernism.

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