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  1. White

    Foscarini Rituals 3 Table Lamp

  2. Orange / Small

    Foscarini Birdie Table Lamp

  3. Grey

    Foscarini Diesel Collection Duii Table Lamp

  4. Aluminum / White

    Foscarini Lumiere XX Table Lamp

  5. Antique Brass

    Inspired by post retro trends, the Davenport Lamp brings intrigue and movement to the otherwise stationary desktop.

  6. Small

    Foscarini Esa Table Lamp

  7. White

    This playful ode to midcentury design uses bright colorful glass inserts inside a white-gessoed iron frame.

  8. Gray/Antique Brass

    Like the solo stripe in a Barnett Newman painting, this artful table lamp explores the mystery of a single divide. The play of positive and negative space begins with a warm antique brass inlay in its shiny, gray-lacquered resin base and continues in the recess of a custom, rectangular off-white linen shade that is lined to match.

  9. Brown Base / Grey Shade

    Foscarini Diesel Collection Fork Table Lamp

  10. Antique Brass

    Not even daylight can eclipse the allure of this minimalist iron lamp, intriguing as an art object as well as an unexpected source of light. Fit with a LED band and finished in warm brass and opal acrylic, it's bright enough for tasks. Try it as a desk lamp, or put in on a pedestal and call it art.

  11. Antique Brass

    Inspired by morning's first surprise of light, our Aura Lamp isolates a band of LED light in a pure rectangular iron frame of warm, antique brass and opal acrylic. Open space below becomes part of the composition, drawing your wall color into its design. Try it as a desk lamp, for subtle light on a foyer table or isolate it as an artful sculptural accent.

  12. Ivory

    Foscarini Diesel Collection Metafisica Table Lamp

  13. Chrome

    Foscarini Diesel Collection Glass Drop Table Lamp

  14. White

    Foscarini Behive Table Lamp

  15. Extra Large

    Foscarini Poly Gregg Table Lamp

  16. White

    Foscarini Kurage Table Lamp

  17. White

    Foscarini Rituals 1 Table Lamp

  18. White

    Foscarini Rituals 2 Table Lamp

  19. Antique Black

    Strong sculptural details paired with antique black iron give solid presence to this intriguing design. Polished brass accents add another layer of allure. Paired with a round, black microfiber drum shade with gold foil lining.

  20. White

    Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp

  21. Blue

    Foscarini Binic Table Lamp

  22. Natural

    The rangier cousin of the Graham Lamp (42683-329), the Gable Lamp features a hammered, reptile-like pattern on its natural iron body. The lamp's striking finish is further accentuated by its antique brass weld details, all contrasted by its burnt wax-finished iron base. Topped in a black, gold foil-lined, microfiber rectangle shade and matching finial.

  23. Red / Small

    Foscarini Anisha LED Table Lamp

  24. Antique Brass

    Brass and suede come together to create the classically cool Gail Lamp. The unexpected pairing is accented by the suede's moss gray finish in its argyle, diamond-like pattern, while the brass features a brushed finish. Topped in natural linen oval shade lined in gray cotton, and matching suede finial.

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