LED Pendant Lights

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  1. Satin Nickel

    Liz LED Pendant

  2. Brushed Nickel

    Modern minimalist form derived from function. Bullet pendants are available in three hardware matching metal finishes. The white interior of the shade reflects light onto the surface below. Available in xenon or LED lamping.

  3. Satin Nickel

    Elegant natural onyx shade that offers a warm glow with ornate solid brass detail.

  4. Blue

    Jas has an inner shade crafted of cased glass made in cobalt. When illuminated, the inner glass gives the outer white glass a colorful even glow.

  5. Antique Bronze

    Captures light in motion. The sleek metal surface is lasercut with several horizontal cutouts which allow light to shine through the inner white case glass diffuser.

  6. Brushed Aluminum / Walnut

    Aeris 54" LED Pendant

  7. Gold Leaf / Dark Bronze

    A modern medallion glows above from LEDs lighting upward from the pendant while concealed down lighting delivers perfect illumination on tabletops and surfaces below. Hand finished in Dark Bronze with Gold Leaf interior or White with Silver Leaf interior for an opulent textured appeal.

  8. 69029-1 Schoolhouse 1-lt Pendant

    Schoolhouse 1-lt Pendant

  9. Chrome

    LED Pendant with Chrome Finish

  10. Brushed Nickel

    Frame 1-lt Pendant

  11. Steel Blue

    Handblown Venetian teardrop shaped glass with beautiful clear draw.

  12. Chrome

    Rain 3-lt LED Chrome Pendant

  13. Dark Amber

    Cone shaped glass shade richly layered in hand twisted colors with reflective white interior.

  14. Polished Nickel

    Anastasia 3-Light Pendant

  15. Satin Nickel

    Ultra-sleek and modern, the structural aluminum frame encases seven infinitely aimable LED spotlights. Each spot features a sleek, die-cast aluminum head held within two concentric brackets – each able to rotate 360 degrees on independent perpendicular axes. Total aiming flexibility results in limitless design options with the ability to layer direct and indirect light from a single fixture.

  16. 69050-1 Schoolhouse 1-lt Pendant

    Schoolhouse 1-lt Pendant

  17. Olde Bronze

    Hathaway's striking design features a bold shade held in place by three intersecting, floating arms with unique forged uprights and ring detail for a modern style. Available in Antique Nickel with etched glass or Olde Bronze with etched amber glass.

  18. Patina Bronze

    Stix 2-lt Pendant

  19. Red

    Case glass cone with reflective white interior or transparent glass cone.

  20. Brushed Steel w/ White Glass

    Tungsten LED Mini Pendant w/ Sphere Glass

  21. White/ Maple

    This modern cylinder shade is elevated to a richer, warmer dimension with a sophisticated combination of fabric and wood. The bands of wood trim are spline-joined around the circumference of the shade - a delicate feat of quality craftsmanship.

  22. Polished Stainless Steel

    Skyline 1-lt Pendant

  23. Chrome

    Descend 1-lt Pendant w/ RGB LED

  24. Satin Nickel/ Orange Crystal

    Slotted metal cylinder reveals an inner layer of brilliant rhinestones.

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