LED Pendant Lights

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  1. Steel Blue

    A modern twist on an iconic shape. Rich transparent glass surrounds an opal glass diffuser.

  2. Ivory

    Mouth-blown glass is hand-etched in this modern twist on a traditional Japanese lantern.

  3. Amber/ Dark Brown

    Mouth-blown pendant with a smoke-like movement of color.

  4. Amethyst

    Mouth-blown pendant rich with color and deep clear draw. Inspired by slow-moving lava flow; each piece is unique.

  5. Ivory/ Brown

    Two-toned powder frit pendant.

  6. Opal

    Fluted glass shade with colorful frit accents.

  7. Gray-Opal

    Translucent glass cylinder features soft frit accents that transition from opal to gray.

  8. Gray-Opal

    Translucent glass cylinder features soft frit accents that transition from opal to gray.

  9. Tan

    Fabric drum with hand-crafted wire detail and opal glass diffuser.

  10. Dark Smoke

    Helix 3-lt adjustable LED pendant with acrylic diffuser

  11. Burnished Steel

    Bento 6-lt LED Pendant

  12. Dark Smoke

    Helix 1-lt LED Pendant

  13. Clear / Brass

    A unique and delicate process of precisely hand-blowing glass through a solid brass band creates an amazing sculptural piece with a sense of curiosity and wonder. The rustic nature of the glass and brass speak to the true artisan nature of its creation.

  14. Sati Nickel

    Intriguing design with a focus on high performance, this unique LED pendant is defined by its open center, thin metal frame and exposed geometrical heat sink. Inspired by the latest in automotive headlamp technology, when viewed from above, the center glows with a hint of illumination.

  15. White

    Inspired by nature, the die-cast aluminum leaf-like silhouette quickly gives way to an ultramodern aesthetic created by its inward firing LED light source and asymmetrical hollow center.

  16. Clear/ White

    A simple yet sophisticated look is created by a one piece blown glass shade with a meticulously painted crown.

  17. Bronze/ Duomo

    Part of our collection of fixtures produced by EGIZIA, an Italian company known the world over for its incredible silk-screening techniques, patterns on hand-blown Italian glass are brought to life as light shines through an ultra-slim profile from an elegant frosted inner glass diffuser. Precious metal versions ship with disposable polishing cloths to ensure the metals retain their luster over time.

  18. Smoke/ Black

    Serious scale and sophistication are the foundations of this impressively large one-piece blown glass shade in a mid-century modern silhouette with a meticulously painted crown. Its gently curving diffuser evenly distributes the output of the LED light source.

  19. Black

    Elegantly simple yet visually complex, its scale and silhouette combine to give a fresh take on large, warehouse-inspired design. The spun metal shade is formed into varying angular planes to create depth and dimension. Its crisp inflections are softened by a matte, rubberized finish to complete the modern industrial aesthetic.

  20. Satin Nickel

    Smooth lines and architectural elements combine in this modern design defined by a beautiful angular acrylic shade and purposely exposed LED heat sink.

  21. Black, White

    Inspired by the very circuit boards that make linear LED applications possible, the Parallax is equal parts minimalist and futuristic. The ultra-thin aluminum and acrylic body houses 30 high-powered LEDs which contribute to its simplistic beauty but also make it incredibly functional in both residential and commercial applications.

  22. Satin Nickel

    The graceful force of ocean waves is captured as each of its individual bands gently undulates and combines to form a striking and powerful fixture that is further enhanced by its ultra-slim LED profile.

  23. Polished Chrome

    Hagen LED Pendant

  24. Polished Chrome

    Larmes 9-Light LED Pendant

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