LED Pendant Lights

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  1. Amber

    Transparent glass is formed into a classic teardrop shape, then manipulated by hand to create unique semi-opaque facets.

  2. Amber

    A modern twist on an iconic shape. Rich transparent glass surrounds an opal glass diffuser.

  3. Amber/ Dark Brown

    Mouth-blown glass pendant with a rich smoke-like movement of color throughout.

  4. Opal

    Mouth-blown pendant with rich color and a deep, clear draw inspired by slow-moving lava flow.

  5. Gray/ Dark Purple

    Gently curving mouth-blown glass features two-toned powder frit in an organic flowing pattern.

  6. Amber

    Fluted glass shade with colorful frit accents.

  7. Gray-Opal

    A translucent glass cylinder featuring thousands of embedded bubbles and soft frit accents that gradually transition its color from opal to gray.

  8. Gray-Opal

    Translucent glass cylinder features soft frit accents that transition from opal to gray.

  9. White

    Translucent organza drum with inner glass cylinder to provide a soft wash of light.

  10. Clear

    Transparent cylinder shade over a white case glass cylinder.

  11. Aquamarine

    Transparent cylinder shade over a white case glass cylinder.

  12. White

    Slender case glass shade topped with metal detail.

  13. Latte

    Clean pure style with presence. A long cylindrical glass shade topped with a simple metal cap detail, suspended from a round canopy.

  14. Smoke

    Over 20 inches in diameter, this hand-blown Murano glass is truly a work of art. Inner white case glass helps diffuse the light.

  15. Clear

    Pure indulgence, the Jayden Grande is cut from a solid block of crystal and formed into an elegant rectangular prism which surrounds a hand-blown inner white glass diffuser.

  16. White / Smoke

    Antique meets modern with a turned ornate glass fount and simple tapered fabric shade with rolled edges.

  17. Desert Clay

    Short drum fabric shade suspended from a round canopy. Glass diffuser provides a glare free wash of light.

  18. Brown

    Elegant multi-toned shade comprised of natural shell panels. The shells are burnished to remove rough edges, meticulously polished, cut to size, and carefully adhered by hand to an inner glass cylinder; suspended from a round canopy.

  19. Burnished Steel

    Our Bento LED Pendant combines welcoming illumination with exceptional style. Slim steel bands hold a unique hexagonal shade. It’s a beautiful focal point for any space.

  20. Dark Smoke

    Steel bars are coaxed into shape here at our Vermont forge. The shaping of our LED pendant takes skill to pull off just right, but our artisans are up to the challenge - you might say it's in their DNA.

  21. Sati Nickel

    Intriguing design with a focus on high performance, this unique LED pendant is defined by its open center, thin metal frame and exposed geometrical heat sink. Inspired by the latest in automotive headlamp technology, when viewed from above, the center glows with a hint of illumination.

  22. White

    Inspired by nature, the die-cast aluminum leaf-like silhouette quickly gives way to an ultramodern aesthetic created by its inward firing LED light source and asymmetrical hollow center.

  23. Clear/ White

    A simple yet sophisticated look is created by a one piece blown glass shade with a meticulously painted crown.

  24. Smoke/ Black

    Serious scale and sophistication are the foundations of this impressively large one-piece blown glass shade in a mid-century modern silhouette with a meticulously painted crown. Its gently curving diffuser evenly distributes the output of the LED light source.

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