LED Pendant Lights

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  1. Smoke/ Black

    Serious scale and sophistication are the foundations of this impressively large one-piece blown glass shade in a mid-century modern silhouette with a meticulously painted crown. Its gently curving diffuser evenly distributes the output of the LED light source.

  2. Black, White

    Inspired by the very circuit boards that make linear LED applications possible, the Parallax is equal parts minimalist and futuristic. The ultra-thin aluminum and acrylic body houses 30 high-powered LEDs which contribute to its simplistic beauty but also make it incredibly functional in both residential and commercial applications.

  3. Satin Nickel

    The graceful force of ocean waves is captured as each of its individual bands gently undulates and combines to form a striking and powerful fixture that is further enhanced by its ultra-slim LED profile.

  4. Polished Chrome

    Dial 1-Light LED Pendant

  5. Polished Chrome

    Tyme 1-Light LED Pendant

  6. Polished Chrome

    Reflex 1-Light LED Pendant

  7. Polished Chrome

    Bianca 1-Light LED RapidJack Pendant and Canopy

  8. Multi Color

    Bianca 4-Light LED RapidJack Pendant and Canopy

  9. Polished Nickel

    With a sleek, sculptural shape, the Audrie Collection marries a glamorous Hollywood Regency silhouette with a modern LED-centric design. The LEDs are nested in the vertical body frames, emitting a warm glow from arms of the sconces or the kinetic, mobile-like pendants.

  10. Rubberized Black Exterior/Black Crystal Interior

    Slotted metal cylinder reveals an inner layer of brilliant rhinestones.

  11. Opal/Silver

    Hand-blown opal glass is hand-carved to create a hammered look inspired by elegant stemware. The decorative center band is then hand-gilded for a silver metallic sheen to create a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

  12. Clear

    The natural beauty and dramatic movement of wind over water are captured in this hand­blown glass pendant.

  13. Brushed Nickel

    83392 Meridian LED Pendant

  14. Bronze

    Ra 2-lt LED Pendant

  15. Chrome

    Pulse 1-lt LED Sphere Pendant

  16. White/Gold

    Pulsar 1-lt Dimmable Reflective LED Pendant

  17. Brushed Silver

    Meteor 12-lt LED Pendant

  18. Brushed Silver

    Meteor 16-lt LED Pendant

  19. Brushed Nickel

    83394 Meridian LED Pendant

  20. Brushed Nickel

    83393 Meridian LED Pendant

  21. Brushed Nickel

    83391 Meridian LED Linear Pendant

  22. Brushed Nickel

    83390 Meridian LED Linear Pendant

  23. Chrome

    83389 Meridian LED Pendant

  24. Chrome

    83388 Meridian LED Pendant

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