LED Table and Desk Lamps

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  1. Black

    Artemide Tizio LED Table Lamp

  2. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Micro LED Table Lamp

  3. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp with Base

  4. Aluminum

    Artemide Tolomeo Mini LED Table Lamp with Base

  5. Baltic Birch / Beech

    Silva LED Table Lamp

  6. Brushed Aluminum / Natural Concrete

    Onus LED Table Lamp

  7. Brushed Aluminum

    Sero LED Table Lamp

  8. Oiled Walnut

    Alo LED Table Lamp

  9. Walnut

    Macto LED Table Lamp

  10. Chrome

    A balanced and unique design for your contemporary space. The Tartini table lamp provides clean LED illumination.

  11. Chrome

    The Naira table lamps are a smart way to illuminate your space. Comes in clean white or reflective chrome with an adjustable gooseneck shade.

  12. Brushed Nickel

    1 Light LED Table with Brushed Nickel Finish and Metal Shade

  13. Honey Gold

    LED Table Lamp with Honey Gold, Chocolate Chrome, Copper Bronze Patina, Chrome, Brushed Nickel finish

  14. Chrome

    1 Light LED Table Lamp with Chrome, Copper Bronze Patina, Brushed Nickel, Chocolate Chrome, Honey Gold finish and Metal Shade.

  15. Chrome

    1 Light LED Table Lamp with Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Chocolate Chrome, Cooper Bronze Patina finish and Metal Shade

  16. Metallic Black

    As if the incredible Z-Bar design couldn’t get any more minimalist, we present the Z-Bar Solo.

  17. Metallic Black

    The Z-Bar Solo Mini may be the smallest by size, but the features are as plentiful as the other, larger models.

  18. Metallic Black

    The flagship of the Z-Bar collection that broke the mold for lamp/task lights.

  19. Metallic Black

    The Z-Bar Mini packs all of the style and features of its big brothers.

  20. Silver

    When the classic Z-Bar is too big and the Z-Bar Mini is too small, Z-Bar Slim will be just right for your space.

  21. Black

    The exceptional Equo is a willowy sculpture masquerading as an LED desk lamp.

  22. Silver

    Brazo Adjustable Table Lamp

  23. Brushed Silver

    Lim LED Table Lamp

  24. White

    Lim Undersurface LED Table Lamp

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