Mr. Beams

Mr. Beams logoMr. Beams is a line of indoor / outdoor portable battery LED lights. The Mr. Beams products can be attached anywhere in minutes without an electrician or wires. Motion sensors provide light when you need it for better safety and security. Mr. Beams is a product line of the Wireless Environment. Wireless Environment makes LED lights with controls such as motion sensors, radio frequency (RF) and battery back-up to increase user control options and to create energy-saving lighting systems. With Wireless' technology, an individual, energy efficient light bulb or a system of bulbs perform according to the needs of the users and environment. Wireless has also developed and launched a line of battery-powered LED light fixtures (like our LED wireless remote lights, battery night light and LED remote spotlight) that improve safety and security. These products use Wireless' patent-pending power management system and have RF capabilities to network throughout the home.

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