Nora NCAH2-830 8" LED Sapphire II COB Universal New Construction Frame-In Kit



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Trim sold separately

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The Sapphire II COB Series is an architectural grade LED high lumen downlight. The Sapphire II uses the latest COB technology by Cree. The COB allows for better optic control offering 3 beam spreads. Beam spreads focus the light down to the work plane from high ceiling applications. The Sapphire II series is available in 4", 6" or 8" apertures and also in new construction or remodel frame-ins.


  • Trim sold separately

  • Wattage/ Lumens: 15W/ 900 lm, 18W/ 1500 lm, 30W/ 2500 lm, 46W/ 3500 lm, 60W/ 4500 lm

  • Driver: 277V Input; 0-10V dimming, 120V Input; 0-10V dimming

  • Emergency: None, Emergency Pack w/ Remote Test Switch, Emergency Pack w/ Integral Test Switch(must specify on reflector)

  • Frame-in includes two adjustable bar hangers and universal brackets that accept flat bar hangers, C-Channel (ordered separately) or rigid 1/2"

  • Adjustable hanger bars with captive nails, alignment foot, T-Bar slot are included on frame

  • Includes adjustable deep ceiling collar

  • Minimum Clearances: Frames require a minimum of 3" from thermal insulation and 1/2" from adjacent building component


  • 15W LED, 900 lm or

  • 18W LED, 1500 lm or

  • 30W LED, 2500 lm or

  • 46W LED, 3500 lm or

  • 60W LED, 4500 lm


NCAH2-830/09 , NCAH2-830/15 , NCAH2-830/25 , NCAH2-830/35 , NCAH2-830/45

*MFG Part Number*:

NCAH2-830/09LE2 , NCAH2-830/09LE2EM , NCAH2-830/09LE5 , NCAH2-830/09LE5EM , NCAH2-830/15LE2 , NCAH2-830/15LE2EM , NCAH2-830/15LE5 , NCAH2-830/15LE5EM , NCAH2-830/25LE2 , NCAH2-830/25LE2EM , NCAH2-830/25LE2EMI , NCAH2-830/25LE5 , NCAH2-830/25LE5EM , NCAH2-830/35LE2 , NCAH2-830/35LE2EM , NCAH2-830/35LE5 , NCAH2-830/35LE5EM , NCAH2-830/40LE2 , NCAH2-830/40LE2EM , NCAH2-830/40LE5 , NCAH2-830/40LE5EM + More - Less

Brand Nora Lighting
Usually Ships In: 5 to 10 Business Days
Length (Inches) 12-5/8
Width (Inches) 9
Height (Inches) 8-1/2, 11
Application Indoor
Recessed Size 8"
Recessed Type Frame-In Kit, New Construction
Listing cUL, Energy Star, UL, Wet
Expedite No
Oversize No
Eligible for Free Ground Shipping Yes