Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Includes flood and spot accent lights, in-ground well lights, step lights, and path lights. Together, these help to illuminate and highlight gardens, patios and walkways to create a safe environment outdoors.

Flood & Spot Accent Lights

As their name suggests, these lights help to accent architectural features such as walls, trees and trellises. Available in flood, spotlighting and wall washing options.

In Ground Lights

In-ground lights (also known as well lights) can be used to provide uplighting (for trees, columns, buildings) or as markers on the ground.

Path Lights and Garden Lights

Take a moonlit stroll through the garden lit perfectly with outdoor path lights from LBC Lighting. Our outdoor path lights provide the perfect accent lighting for landscapes, gardens, and walkways. Aside from offering beautiful aesthetics to the yard, path lights are an essential part of safety, illuminating paths in otherwise dark places.


Bollards are a popular landscape lighting option to illuminate walkways, steps and pathways.

Outdoor Step Lights

Accent your landscape, yard, or deck with outdoor step lights. Walk with confidence knowing your path will always be safely lit in all the right places. Our outdoor step lights are durable and provide ground level lighting at the flip of a switch. Add the perfect amount of light needed to highlight your outdoor steps, whether they’re brick, concrete, wooden or more.

Underwater Lights

These lights are waterproof and can be used in fountains, pools and ponds.

Outdoor Lighting Hardware

Landscape accessories such as outdoor transformers and mounting hardware.