Adorne ADTP700RMTU sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer - 700 Watts, True Universal


Finish: White
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The Wireless sofTap Whole-House Master Dimmer is designed with an innovative micro-movement functionality, allowing you to turn lights on and off or dim them with a soft "tap" of the finger. And thanks to its patented Tru-Universal technology, this dimmer automatically adapts to any load or combination of loads attached to it, eliminating flicker, early dropout, or "pop-on" deficiencies which can plague other non-adaptive dimmers. Simply pair it with any fixture and you're done!


  • For Wi-Fi Ready functionality to work, this product must be paired with Hub (sold separately)
  • Wallplate required - sold separately
  • Finish: White, Magnesium, Graphite
  • Style: SofTap
  • Watts: 700W Load Dependent
  • Compatible Loads: Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, LED, Fluorescent
  • Perfect anywhere you’d like to combine Wi-Fi-Ready lighting control with sensitive sofTap technology and the option to dim.
  • The sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer is a programmable light switch and dimmer combination that pairs with the adorne Hub to create smart lighting solutions for your home.
  • Turn lights on and off or dim with just the light tap of a finger – or create custom lighting settings to control lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Legrand Lighting Control app.
  • Easily install this Master dimmer into an existing electrical box and wire directly to the light.
  • Once the Master dimmer is installed, a sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Remote Dimmer may be installed to allow for Wi-Fi Ready control of a light from two locations without rewiring. Simply follow the instructions after installing to pair with the Master dimmer.
  • Innovative snap-in system ensures easy installation.
  • This item uses patented Tru-Universal technology, enabling the dimmer to support all load types including incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage (MLV), electronic low voltage (ELV) in forward or reverse phase, CFL/LED, etc.(with the exception of 0-10V LED drivers).

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