Tech Remote Transformer - 300W 12V Electronic, Single Feed

Tech LightingSKU: 700AT300EL

Voltage: 120V Input/12V Output
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300W 12V electronic remote transformer for use with Tech Lighting's Monorail, Kable Lite, Wall Monorail or Freejack lighting system


  • Type of Transformer: Electronic
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Wattage: 300 Watts
  • Feed: Single-Feed


  • Single feed transformer converts 120 line voltage to 12V to provide the necessary voltage for powering a monorail, kable lite, wall monorail or freejack low-voltage lighting system
  • It can power lamps totaling up to 300 watts
  • This transformer is equipped with a fast acting secondary circuit breaker that will safely turn the system off should a short occur
  • Once the short has been removed the unit can be reset by simply flipping the wall switch off and back on
  • The transformer must be installed in a remote but accessible location (such as above the ceiling or in a closet)
  • To simply the installation, the transformer should be located no more than 20-ft from the run or power feed
  • The electrician will need to supply the proper gauge conductor fromt the transformer to the power feed location based on distance
  • Dimmable with 600W low voltage electronic dimmer. The dimmer is placed on the line side of the transformer
  • The transformer provides a single 300W output and must be used with a single-feed canopy or other power feed option (sold separately)
  • 12V transformers require the use of 12V lamps

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