SP4 Sleek Plus Classic T4 Fluorescent Undercabinet - Non Grounded




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Sleek plus classic 2-wire T4 fluorescent light bar available in eight lengths and six color temperatures


  • Finish: White

  • Length/Watt Option

    • 9-3/8 inches (6 Watts)

    • 12-1/2 inches (8 Watts)

    • 17-1/2 inches (12 Watts)

    • 19-1/2 inches (16 Watts)

    • 21 inches (20 Watts)

    • 34-1/2 inches (24 Watts)

    • 40-3/8 inches (26 Watts)

    • 46-1/4 inches (28 Watts)

  • Lamping: T4 linear fluorescent

  • Color Temperature: 3000K , 4100K, 6400K , Blue, Green, Red

  • Type: 2- wire Non-Grounded

  • Option: Without Rocker Switch or With Rocker Switch (6W not available with rocker switch)


  • Sleek Plus T4 fluorescent fixtures are furnished with replaceable lamps, tight-fit direct connectors, stainless steel mounting clips for vertical or horizontal mount, and ribbed acrylic lamp covers

  • Fixtures butt together reducing dark area to less than 1” and with minimal shadowing when they are connected directly

  • Optional On/Off Rocker Switch that does not increase the length of the fixture is located on the side

  • Lamp CRI > 82 with the use of tri-phosphor

  • Functions with all code approved lighting branch circuits, including 15A and 20A, as the fixtures are not limited to any size circuit

  • The wiring is according to lighting circuit load ratings

  • The ribbed acrylic diffuser lamp cover fits securely on the housing of the fixture with no light leaks, warping or deformed lens

  • Linkable up to 10 units, max 350 watts

  • Additional power supply cables, connecting cables, hard wire boxes and replacement lamps are sold separately

  • The T4 lamps (included with fixtures) are energy efficient and long-life with a 16,000 hours rating.

  • Ballast: The fixture features a built-in programmed-start, no flickering, silent electronic ballast rated AC 120V 50-60Hz. 3-years commercial grade fluorescent ballast warranty

  • Construction: The housing is made of extruded aluminum with white enamel painted finish. Aluminum provides better heat dissipation, and longer fixture and lamp life


SP4-6 , SP4-8 , SP4-12 , SP4-16 , SP4-20 , SP4-24 , SP4-26 , SP4-28

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