MA-L3S25 Maestro Single Pole Dual 300W Incandescent Dimmer / 2.5A Switch




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Single pole dual dimmer/switch for incandescent/halogen loads with 300W dimmer on top and 2.5A switch on bottom. Wallplate sold separately.


  • Dimmer only- coordinating Claro wallplate available (Sold Separately)

  • Colors (Gloss finishes): White, Light Almond, Almond, Ivory, Gray, Brown or Black

  • Capacity:

    • 300W light (top) - for incandescent/halogen loads only

    • 2.5A switch (bottom) - for lighting load and/or general purpose fan(s)

  • Single pole

  • LEDs indicate light level and glow softly in the dark as a locator light

  • Delayed off provides light as you exit the room

  • Power failure memory - Maestro remembers your settings even after a power interruption

  • Line frequency compensation maintains stable light levels, despite power line frequency and voltage variations

  • Programming allows customized functions

  • Mechanical air-gap to disconnect load power

  • 100% factory tested

  • Voltage: 120V

  • Depth is 0.30 inches

Dual Dimmer/Switch (Two Loads)

  • Dimmer (top)

    • Replacement for stacked switches

    • Tap on to favorite light level; tap off

    • Tap twice for full on

    • Touch rocker to adjust light level

    • Dimer advance programming features available

  • Switch (bottom)

    • Tap switch on/off

    • Single-location only

Additional Product Information

  • Dimmer and switch require separate wires in the wallbox for each light circuit

  • Do not use compact fluorescent lamps in the dimmer circuit; can be used with switch circuit


MA-L3S25-WH , MA-L3S25-LA , MA-L3S25-AL , MA-L3S25-IV , MA-L3S25-GR , MA-L3S25-BR , MA-L3S25-BL

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