Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting

Hudson Valley logoFor 25 years, Tech Lighting has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and innovative contemporary decorative fixtures.  Their imaginatively articulate fusion of art and science in design demands a double take.  Browse top quality Tech Lighting LED lights, pendants, and other fixtures and discover LBCLighting’s unmatchable prices.  Selection also includes fixtures previously known under 2Thousand DegreesTiella, and Wilmette. 

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  1. Kit
    Price From: $585.60

    Monorail kit includes all components needed for standard 8-ft installation with 300W remote magnetic transformer. Spot heads and pendants sold separately.

  2. 140METROAW Replacement Glass for Metro Vanity Bar

    140METROAW Replacement Glass for Metro Vanity Bar

  3. 255LEDDA10W320 Replacement LED Driver

    255LEDDA10W320 Replacement LED Driver

  4. Satin Nickel / Hurricane Amber
    Price From: $112.00

    Warehouse-inspired adjustable head that can be customized with multiple accessory options (required, sold separately); rotates 360°, pivots 90°.

  5. Tinkerbell
    Price From: $124.00

    Dozens of design possibilities. Accessories in myriad styles and colors allow you to create the ideal custom element (accessory required; sold separately). Aero's head rotates 360°, pivots 260° to direct the beam. Removable glass handle.

  6. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $87.20

    Directs the beam right where you want it. Head swivels 220°, pivots on vertical and horizontal axes.

  7. Image

    MO Tele Head - Satin Nickel

  8. Amber
    Price From: $112.00

    Modern head surrounded by a translucent glass orb. Head rotates 360°, pivots 260° to direct the beam.

  9. Replacement Glass for Hanging Wok - Amber

    Special Price $44.00

    Regular Price: $61.60

    Replacement Glass for Hanging Wok - Amber

  10. With SORAA LED
    Price From: $144.80

    Simple geometries converge in this modern head that has been specifically designed to employ the SORAA LED MR16 lamp and to celebrate its design characteristics.

  11. All Colors
    Price From: $140.80

    Clean European-inspired head with a plated or matte painted finish.

  12. LED module

    SORAA 8W LED Bi-Pin Replacement Pendant Module for use with select Tech Lighting pendants.

  13. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $116.00

    Minimal stylish head rotates 360° and pivots 180°. Eggcrate louver included.

  14. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $103.20

    Classic head rotates 360° around stem, pivots 290°.

  15. Antique Bronze
    Price From: $132.00

    Sleek Sprocket, with its removable handle, has many accessory options.

  16. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $198.40

    Inspired by advanced aerodynamics, this sleek LED head features a die-cast aluminum tail which also serves as its heat sink.

  17. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $95.20

    A highly adjustable, minimal head rotates 360° around stem, swivels 240° at "elbow"; lamp pivots 240°.

  18. UV Filter
    Price From: $37.60

    UV filter efficiently blocks UV radiation while transmitting high quality visible light

  19. Brown
    Price From: $375.20

    A large cylindrical shade composed of glass mosaic tiles and inner frost glass diffuser.

  20. Satin Nickel
    Price From: $95.20

    Freejack port alone for use with select Tech Lighting fixtures.

  21. Satin Nickel with Clear
    Price From:

    Special Price $49.60

    Regular Price: $70.00

    2-ft one circuit monorail. Hand-bendable and field cuttable. For use with Tech single-circuit monorail components only.

  22. Tech 2-ft Two-Circuit Monorail
    Price From: $80.80

    2-ft two circuit monorail that is hand-bendable and field cuttable. For use with Tech two-circuit monorail components only.

  23. Antique Bronze
    Price From: $288.00

    The sleek domed acrylic diffusor of the Finn bath vanity light from Tech Lighting discreetly softens the LED source while providing great wide-angle light distribution perfect for vanity applications.

  24. Satin Nickel

    This ultrathin, modern bath bar is made possible through the use of edgelit LED light guide technology. What appears to be a simple plate of frosted glass when off, then illuminates across the entire surface as if the light is coming out of thin air.

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