Track Lighting Accessories

Track Lighting Accessories
Components to build or add to existing track system - includes tracks, connectors, power feeds, monopoint canopies, mounting accessories and other track head accessories.


In single-circuit or two-circuit option, common track lengths are 2-ft, 4-ft, 6-ft and 8-ft which can be joined together to form various configurations. A wide selection from brands such as Juno, Nora, Lightolier and Halo

Connectors and Power Feeds

Includes X, T, L and straight connectors that allow you to customize your track configuration. Choice of power feeds such as live end or floating canopy. For those who don't want the hassle of hardwiring, there are also power cord options.

Mounting Accessories

Mounting accessories such as extensions, suspensions, t-bar clips and many others to help you get your track configuration just right.

Track Head Accessories

Once you have your track up and running, now is the time to accessorize with such things as lens, louvers, barn doors, and many more.

Track Monopoint Adapters

If track lighting is not possible for an application due to layout or design constraints, you can still achieve the versatility of track head fixtures by mounting them to monopoint canopies and adapters.