Track Lighting Heads

Track Lighting Heads
Includes line voltage, low voltage, fluorescent, GU10 MR16 and LED style track heads from various track brands such as Juno, Lightolier, Nora and WAC

Line Voltage Track Heads

Use line voltage bulbs such as halogen PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 or incandescent R30/R40. Available in various styles such as roundbacks, flatbacks, gimbals, adapters, and many more!

Low Voltage Track Heads

Utilizing MR16 or MR11 bulbs, low voltage track heads are generally smaller than their line voltage counterparts which make them an excellent choice for low profile and minimalist applications.

LED Track Heads

LED track lights can turn a house into a home, or an office dungeon into a suitable workspace. With each light head affixed individually to the track, each light can be turned, moved, and adjusted until your optimal lighting settings have been reached.

MR16 GU10 Track Heads

The GU10 MR16 fixtures give the appearance and light output of low voltage MR16. However, without a transformer, they cost less and can be dimmed with standard incandescent dimmers.

Fluorescent Track Heads

Fluorescent track head fixtures are mostly used in commercial applications for wall washing.

Metal Halide Track Heads

The metal halide fixtures produce excellent color rendition with long life and low energy use, thereby making them the designer's choice in retail applications.

Multi-Light & Specialty Track Heads

Includes multi-light track heads, theatrical spotlights, extendable track heads and many more.