Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting
Being a Leader in an Industry requires many attributes. Our passion for quality, design, value and service lead the way. Our Team of Lighting Professionals are serious about producing awesome lighting and having a strong, well-run company. We strive to produce Interior and Exterior Lighting products that are unique in the marketplace. In fact, many of our Outdoor Lanterns are being used in Interior applications because the styles are so refreshing! Hand-Forged Iron, Hand Applied Finishes, Glass and Shades that compliment the style are primary ingredients in our products. We take great pride in our engineering and inspection standards that ensure a quality product. Our Company is committed to providing quality high styled products, at reasonable prices, backed with the highest standard of service. We hope you enjoy our presentation, and select our products for your lighting needs.
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  1. Distressed Black

    Surrey 3-lt Lantern

  2. Distressed Black

    Surrey 4-lt Lantern

  3. Distressed Black

    Surrey 8-lt Lantern

  4. Copper Mountain Bronze

    Copper Mountain 8-lt Pendant

  5. Silver Gold

    Sausalito 2-lt Flush

  6. Silver Gold

    Sausalito 4-lt Interior Hanging

  7. Silver Gold

    Sausalito 5-lt Interior Hanging

  8. Silver Gold

    Sausalito 3-lt Interior Hanging

  9. Silver Gold

    Sausalito 8-lt Interior Hanging

  10. Forged Bronze

    Bennington 2-lt Interior / Exterior Flush

  11. Antique Iron

    Andersons Forge 1-lt Exterior Hanging

  12. Antique Iron

    Andersons Forge 1-lt Exterior Hanging

  13. Polished Chrome

    Bentley 5-lt Interior Hanging

  14. Polished Chrome

    Bentley 1-lt Interior Hanging

  15. Polished Chrome

    Bentley 3-lt Interior Hanging

  16. Polished Chrome

    Bentley 3-lt Interior Hanging

  17. Polished Chrome

    Bentley 9-lt Interior Hanging

  18. French Iron

    Arcadia 10-lt Interior Hanging

  19. French Iron

    Arcadia 6-lt Interior Hanging

  20. French Iron

    Arcadia 1-lt Interior Hanging

  21. Antique Bronze

    Austin 7-lt Interior Hanging

  22. Antique Bronze

    Austin 9-lt Interior Hanging

  23. Federal Bronze

    Redmond 3-lt Interior Hanging

  24. Federal Bronze

    Redmond 4-lt Interior Hanging

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