Varaluz logo70% recycled steel. 0% recycled style. One of the reasons we started Varaluz was to address things we thought our industry was shamefully ignoring. We have a reality facing us a people, as a nation, and as a world that requires us to be more responsible. Energy efficiency certainly has an important place, but a larger impact can come from designing with responsible materials and designing out waste in the manufacturing and distribution process. At Varaluz, we believe that lighting should not only be interesting, but sustainable. Most of our fixtures use steel that has 70% or greater recycled content and glass that is 100% recycled. We use many sustainable and reclaimed materials in our glass or shades. Whenever you see the "eco-luz" designation on our products, you can be confident that the item is made with recycled or reclaimed materials – and that we're committed to preserving the earth. The old saying goes, "One person's trash is another's treasure." We just take it to beautiful extremes.

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  1. Fixture

    Even when first sketched on a bar napkin, it looked elegant. As much as we love a perfectly mixed cocktail enjoyed with friends and family, we love having a great idea. Such was the case when we conceived Aizen. In our original scribble, we managed to mix Asian, rustic, and contemporary styles into the cohesive whole that is Aizen.

  2. Tea Stained Creamy Glass

    Aizen 6-lt Chandelier

  3. Creamy Etched Glass

    Recycled Aizen 1-lt Mini Pendant

  4. Recycled Aluminum

    Recycled 3-lt Pinwheel Pendant

  5. Bronze

    Recycled 9-lt Large Pinwheel Pendant

  6. Bronze

    Recycled 8-lt Pinwheel Ceiling/Wall Light

  7. Hammered Ore

    Soho 3-lt Chandelier

  8. Natura

    Recycled Varaluz 5-lt Soho Chandelier

  9. Hammered Ore

    Recycled 6-lt Soho Chandelier

  10. Hammered Ore

    Soho 9-lt Chandelier

  11. Hammered Ore

    Soho 1-lt Mini Pendant

  12. Hammered Ore

    Soho 1-lt Small Mini Pendant

  13. Natura

    Soho 2-lt Semi-Flushmount

  14. Steeple Chase

    Two-if-by-sea 1-lt Mini Pendant

  15. Hammered Ore

    Recycle Rain 1-lt Mini Pendant

  16. Hammered Ore

    Recycled 4-lt Fascination Pendant

  17. Hammered Ore

    Fascination 6-lt Chandelier

  18. Kolorado

    Recycled Fascination 1-lt Mini Pendant

  19. Kolorado

    Recycled 3-lt Fascination Pendant

  20. Nevada

    Transitional Down Light 4-lt Fascination Pendant

  21. Hammered Ore

    Fascination 3-lt Semi-Flushmount

  22. Hot Pink

    Recycled Urchin 1-lt Mini Pendant

  23. Reclaimed Chocolate Tiger Shell

    Big 5-lt Sustainable Shell Linear Pendant

  24. Kabebe

    Big 7-lt Sustainable Shell Linear Pendant

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