Single Bathroom Wall Lights

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  1. Chrome

    Sydney 1-lt Small Wall & Vanity Fixture

  2. VS16101 Sullivan 1-lt Vanity Fixture

    Sullivan 1-lt Vanity Fixture

  3. Brushed Nickel

    Bravo 1-Light Bath Light

  4. Seabrook

    Savannah 1-Light Sconce

  5. Opalescent Lamp

    Long used in the best European custom designs, Alinea is an Art Deco Concept brought to perfection by American engineering.

  6. Chrome

    The Cailin vanity fixtures are clean and simple yet boast a unique satin coated glass that completely encases the bulb.

  7. Brushed Steel

    Kincaid 1-lt Vanity

  8. Brushed Nickel

    Gather 1-Light Bath CFL Wall Sconce

  9. Brushed Nickel

    Bratenahl 1-Light Wall Light

  10. Antique Brass

    The light is distortion free. The color rendering quality is excellent, as high as 98 C.R.I. The luminaires are sleek and streamlined, yet they discretely contain the industry’s most compact electronic ballasts.

  11. Polished Chrome

    Willow Bend 2-lt Bath

  12. Polished Nickel

    Benson 1-lt Wall Vanity

  13. Forged Bronze

    Kensington 1-Light Bath Light

  14. Rainy Night

    We loved sudden summer afternoon thunderstorms while growing up. There's nothing quite so relaxing as seeing and hearing the rain pelt against the window panes and on the tin roof (rusted!). To recreate the impression of beads of rain upon a window, we hand press the glass.

  15. Brushed Steel

    Contemporary 3-light wall & vanity sconce with opal glass. Available in brushed steel or chrome finish

  16. Brushed Steel

    Tabo 2-lt Wall & Vanity

  17. Chrome

    Epsom 1-lt LED Wall Sconce

  18. Hazel Bronze

    Signal 1-lt Wall Vanity

  19. Venetian Bronze

    Addison 1-Light Bath Light

  20. Brushed Nickel

    LED Bath with Brushed Nickel Finish and Clear Flat Panel / Mitered White Inside Glass

  21.  Chrome

    Contemporary 1-light square shaped glass wall fixture with clear outer opal inner glass in chrome finish Limited Supply Available

  22. Satin Nickel

    Cachet 1-lt Bath

  23. Polished Nickel

    Cirque 1-lt Wall Vanity

  24. Antique Nickel

    Archie 1-Light Wall Light

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