Single Bathroom Wall Lights

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  1. Brushed Nickel

    Clancy’s transitional design features a clear glass urn, retro decorative construction elements and soft curves for an elegant style with vintage overtones.

  2. Polished Nickel

    Charming and graceful, Bennett's distinctive details set it apart. Petite arched arms and latches add an Early American feel to its transitional design while the pressed holophane glass adds a dash of vintage panache.

  3. Brushed Aluminum

    With clean lines and robust downward illumination, Jazz luminaires deliver gorgeous and flattering bath lighting.

  4. Chrome

    Geometric die cast aluminum bath luminaires. Pixel provides double side lit elements that outline a mirror vertically or evoke a bright, even and glare free wash of light across the entire basin or vanity surface.

  5. Antique Gold w/ Rustic Bronze

    There’s something to be said for that “little bit country…little bit rock n’ roll” lyric. First, you need a light that brings comfort and has longevity. Second, you need one that your mom will like but will call “interesting.” Take Jake. Look closely and you’ll see Art Deco-inspired lines for a sense of grounding; closely-clustered bulbs for a feeling of fullness; and two classic, yet modernly-paired, finishes. A perfect union? We think so.

  6. Coffee Bronze

    The farm-to-table movement is one we can get behind for obvious reasons: we love good food and we love the homey feel-good feeling of the country. While you may not want your homes to read farmhouse, you can bring comfort home with Carson. Carson is a modern-day wagon wheel dressed in recycled bent beveled glass panels. It’s not country, but it’s far from the city. It’s a classy, modern way to pay tribute to tradition.

  7. Dark Oak w/ Black

    Coasts connect the green of land and the blue-gray of sea with an array of rich tans, grays, and browns. This contrast is at once comforting and invigorating. Rio Lobo is a display of such differences: black and dark oak, squares and rectangles, solids and mesh. Through diversity in design, it finds unity.

  8. Linen

    Inspired by textiles, the Vetra wall sconce light by LBL Lighting has a linen weave design which is silk screened on to the hand-blown glass shade, creating a textured surface through which the light softly glows.

  9. Polished Chrome

    When a sleek, contemporary solution is in order, the Lufe Square Wall rectilinear sconce light by LBL Lighting is the answer.

  10. Polished Chrome

    When a sleek, contemporary solution is in order, the Lufe Round Wall sconce light by LBL Lighting is the answer.

  11. Clear-Brass

    The Lania wall sconce light by LBL Lighting features brass wire crafted into a honeycomb pattern that is pressed in a custom mold, into which clear glass is hand-blown and later textured to create a unique, layered effect.

  12. Polished Chrome

    The hand-blown glass shade of the Jarvas wall sconce light by LBL Lighting is silk screened to create a linen weave texture through which the energy efficient, integrated LED light source.

  13. Polished Chrome

    4973 2-lt Wall Sconce

  14. Polished Chrome

    H1201 1-lt Wall Sconce

  15. Chrome

    Single lamp LED vanity with curved white opal glass. Metal details in brushed nickel or chrome finish, and is equipped with our powerful 120V AC LED technology, 6.5W, fully dimmable.

  16. Chrome

    Vintage but modern LED single light vanity with elegant cannikin which omits the light beautifully through a billowing heavy gauged die-cast clear glass.

  17. Chrome

    83714 Gorve 5-lt LED Vanity

  18. Brushed Nickel

    83780 Gorve 5-lt LED Vanity

  19. Brushed Nickel

    83781 Gorve 4-lt LED Vanity

  20. Chrome

    83715 Gorve 4-lt LED Vanity

  21. Chrome

    83716 Gorve 3-lt LED Vanity

  22. Brushed Nickel

    83782 Gorve 3-lt LED Vanity

  23. Chrome

    83794 Zagg 1-lt LED Vanity

  24. Brushed Nickel

    83798 Jaxen LED Vanity

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