Different types of ceiling fans and its accessories

Ceiling fans are used in residential and commercial settings to circulate cool and hot air by distributing it evenly throughout the room. With various finishes and styles, ceiling fans can blend seamlessly into any decor. If you are unfamiliar with ceiling fans, you may be unsure of which type is best for your space.  Ceiling fans can be characterized into the following categorizes—standard, low profile, Energy Star, damp/wet and portable. These types of fans are more commonly used in residential areas and can be customized with different accessories such as a pull chain, light kits, a remote control, and blades. If you decide to install add-ons to your fan, be sure to check if your accessories are compatible with your ceiling fan first! Learn more about each type of fan below.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard ceiling fans are the most common type of fans to be installed in residential homes. They are versatile and come in a variety of styles and designs that can match any decor. Standard fans come with a down rod to allow proper mounting in rooms with ceiling heights 9-feet and greater. Depending on your room height, a certain length of rod should be used. See the chart below for suggested rod lengths in relation to room size.

Down Rod Size vs. Ceiling Height
6-inch Down Rod → 9-foot Ceiling
12-Inch Down Rod → 10-foot Ceiling
24-Inch Down Rod → 12-foot Ceiling
36-Inch Down Rod → 14-foot Ceiling
48-Inch Down Rod → 16-foot Ceiling
60-Inch Down Rod → 18-foot Ceiling
72-Inch Down Rod → 20-foot Ceiling

Ceiling fans can also be installed on sloped ceilings. An angled ceiling adapter must be purchased to ensure proper performance. Keep in mind, all parts must be compatible for the optimal results! If you have any questions regarding ceiling fans, down rods, or sloped ceilings, contact us.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Unlike standard ceiling fans, low profile ceiling fans, or hugger ceiling fans, are best for ceilings heights less than eight feet tall. This fan is installed directly into the mounting bracket without the use of a down rod. Although the fan’s blades are incredibly close to the ceiling, they are still powerful enough to circulate air throughout the room.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Energy Star ceiling fans are available in standard and low profile options. What makes these fans exception is their energy savings certification. By using Energy Star rated fans, the owner is able to stay more environmentally friendly and save financially over time. Take a look at our selection of Energy Star ceiling fans to stay eco-friendly  and save on long-term financial saving projects.

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fan

If your project requires a ceiling fan to be placed in a humid or rainy environment, a damp or wet fan is ideal. Damp ceiling fans are made with motors and electrical parts that resist damage due to moisture and humidity. Wet ceiling fans are made with the same resistant parts and all weather blades to withstand almost any environment. You can often find these fans in exotic or traditional and contemporary styles to suit your project needs.

Portable Fans

Portable fans come in a variety of styles—table, wall mounted and pedestal.

Table fans are small, portable and suitable for cooling a small area. They can be placed on floors, desks, tables, and counter tops in any setting. These small fans are financially friendly and very effective for its price.

Wall mounted fans strive to create a cooling climate in an environment which has limited floor space. It provides powerful air circulation and redirection due to its versatile placement. It is ideal for warehouses, garages, factories and retail stores.

Pedestal fans are height adjustable, lightweight, and have different power settings. These fans also can oscillate to distribute air evenly and are great for directing cool air in large rooms.


Ceiling Fan Accessories

Angled ceiling adapter –Angled ceiling adapter is an additional accessory to help mount ceiling fans onto angled ceilings. The adapter works with longer down rods in case the ceiling is higher than average.

Down rods – Down rods are poles of different lengths that lower your ceiling fan to ideal heights. Many ceiling fans are bundled with a standard down rod ranging in length from 3 to 6 inches. Longer down rods may be purchased separately.

Light kits – Light kits are an additional accessory that can be attached to your ceiling fan (Only if it is compatible) manufactured in various sizes if lighting must be added. The different bulb options available for light kits are LED and standard.

Remote control – Remote controls can be attached to the ceiling fan to adjust the speed from a distance for maximum comfort.