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Untitled design-High-Quality (24).jpg__PID:d507c64a-d314-4638-91fb-0b181969ef7b

Artemide- Gople System

Gople system combines with the Alphabet of light system, creating a universal lighting able to meet the requirements of any space, but above all to define a new approach to lighting projects.

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Elite- Tension System

The Tension system, the latest innovation in track lighting, is ideal for applications in locations where luminaires cannot be suspended from the ceiling, such as in open office spaces with tall ceilings. This design provides a solution by attaching its turnbuckles to two walls up to 65’ apart, installed straight at 0° or up to 45° in any direction – an innovative and practical, yet stylish, piece perfect for any modern building.

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Untitled design copy (9) copy (1)-High-Quality.jpg__PID:39927704-435c-433f-ab36-dc2030bc95f8

Fase 1-MAST

The Mast collection, drawing inspiration from industrial piping, offers customization options at a new level. The flexibility of the Mast will meet all your creative needs. Design intricate forms moving different directions along your surface with this modern take on traditional track lights.

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Fase 1-Construct

Innovative slim linear connecting system, a perfect combination between tracks and LED fixtures. Its uniquely designed spot, panel and downlight modules are available for multi-task lighting requirements to the area. Emphasizing on characteristics and rapid installation of the fixtures, it also creates a simple and clean appearance.

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mucci system-High-Quality (1).jpg__PID:d556f995-59db-4ddf-b69f-9cf96a4f9cdc

Fase 1-Mucci

Mucci is fully customizable with multiple light modules that can be easily attached to a copper power rail above the aluminum frame for tailored directional lighting.

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mucci system-High-Quality (2).jpg__PID:4724d50c-4691-4cf6-9327-9dc3307ec8de

WAC Lighting-Strut

STRUT lighting is an innovative new LED system that gives you the best of both worlds. Technology and aesthetics combine to create gorgeous illumination that can adjust to different purposes and preferences. STRUT's modular approach is designed with flexibility in mind and works well in every business, from restaurants and retail spaces to offices and healthcare environments.

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