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Luminous Carpets by Philips

Luminous Carpets by Philips

Luminous Carpets by Philips can now provide ground illuminating directions to visitors. This new form of communication is more than just simple directions, it is an attraction and aesthetic that enhances the surrounding environment.

Combining Philips LED technology with luxurious looking Desso carpet, Luminous Carpet fits seamlessly into the architecture of a building. The cutting edge LED technology protects the lights from any spilt liquid and necessary cleaning. Graphic displays can be customized using a tablet or smartphone, creating a new approach to welcoming visitors, enhancing brand image through innovative presentation, catching attention at trade shows, directing and informing guests where lights may not be available, etc.

So, where will Philips Luminous Carpets lead you?

To learn more about the illuminating carpet, click here.

Take a look at Philips Luminous Carpets in action!

Direct visitors safely toward the exit.

Inform others that a room is unlocked and available for occupancy.

Enhance brand image – make it stand out.

Let guests know the complimentary hotel breakfast is in this direction.

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