Structura Architectural Exterior Lighting

When it comes to decor and aesthetic, exterior landscapes and settings often go unnoticed and under appreciated. Pendants and architectural lights, typically used for interior designs, bring indoor spaces to life. But with the appropriate lighting selections, outdoor environments can be inspired in similar ways. Structura is a Kansas based company that creates architectural and aesthetic outdoor lighting, poles and site furnishing for landscapes and urban areas. With the mantra, “Bring Spaces to Life”, Structura aims to create fixtures that focus on both form and function. They believe that “a pole to only hold a light is a missed opportunity. Make it sculptural. Use it to provide visual boundaries, frame views, and define spaces…Create a sense of place [because] every city has a soul, a culture, its own story. Public space is where we feel that culture connect with one another. Design those spaces to be memorable ones”.

Through the use of material, color, texture and form, Structura provides innovation, sustainability, and purpose to outdoor lighting, poles, and site furnishings. Easily transform community areas to reflect function, beauty and art, with use of Structura architectural exterior lighting.

Why We Love Structura

Structura fixtures are available in wood finishes. Wood decor provides an organic and warm feel to spaces. Structura recognizes the importance of minimizing their impact on the environment; and therefore, sources Accoya wood to stay environmentally friendly while still delivering durable, high-quality fixtures.

What is Accoya?

Accoya is the product of patented acetylation technology used to create a high-performance wood that is optimal for outdoor structures. It has been extensively researched and tested for durability, paint retention, dimensional stability and in-ground conditions to ensure performance. Accoya wood does not include toxic chemicals, and can be safely reused or recycled. All wood sourced is sustainable from FSC and other regionally certified woods. Learn more about Accoya »

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