Nora Lighting

Nora Lighting
Nora Lighting is among the industry's leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential applications. Nora products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality and new energy-efficiency standards and include an exceptional line of recessed, track, under cabinet, linear and accent lighting, emergency and exit lighting.

Recessed Housings

Unobtrusive fixtures provide subtle ambient or general lighting for commercial or residential sites. Nora Lighting offers a wide choice of light sources such as incandescent, HID, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED.

Recessed Trims

A variety of trim styles available such as open reflectors, baffles, wall washers, and adjustables (i.e. eyeballs, elbows, pinholes).

One Circuit Track

Nora's single circuit line voltage track is rated to handle up to 2400W on a single circuit, making their track very versatile in architectural and residential applications. H system (Halo) compatible.

Two Circuit Track

Nora's two circuit track can reduce the cost of labor and wire on large scale jobs while also adding flexibility. Dual A/B switching can reduce energy costs when not all lights are required to be on. Use one circuit to light focal points and the second circuit for general lighting.

Track Fixtures

All Nora track fixtures are available in "H" style (Halo-compatible) and can be used on the one circuit or two circuit track system. A variety of lamp sources available such as LED, HID, CFL, fluorescent, MR16 GU10, line voltage and low voltage.


Nora's undercabinet fixtures can be used in a variety of applications including niche, display, cabinet, shelf, closet, furniture cove, under bar top, toe kick or other applications where drama and accent lighting are used to define a space.

Exit & Emergency

Whether they are simple incandescent emergency light or efficient LED exit signs, Nora Lighting's signs and fixtures are designed to provide the safest possible egress regardless of the situation, location or environment and are accessible for virtually any budget consideration.


Nora Lighting offers a variety of LED lighting solutions such as downlights, track lighting and undercabinet lighting.


Enhance your existing fixtures with a variety of accessories such as lens and filters. Also get replacement parts such as socket adapters and trim rings.