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View our full selection of LED lighting including decorative fixtures, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, commercial LED and LED light bulbs.

LED Commercial

LED fixtures have become highly speced for commercial and industrial applications. These include interior lights such as recessed and surface mounted troffers, strip lights, ceiling light and wall lights. They are also popular for outdoor use like LED area lights, canopy lights, flood lights, and wallpacks.

LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed LED lighting is always a subtle, classy option for upgrading your lighting. Recessed lights sit back into the ceiling, with no wires, bulbs, or fixtures hanging. Click to read more...

LED Track Lights

LED track lights give you light where you need it, and none where you don’t. With track lights you can move and adjust the lights to shine on and spotlight what you want accented. Change the lights as often as you change your mind. When you move furniture and decor around, just adjust the lights to match. Click to read more...

LED Under Cabinet

Offered in many options such as light bars, puck lights, miniature recessed and tape lights, LEDs provide an energy efficient solution to any undercabinet application.

LED Light Bulbs

From well-known brands such as Philips, Antares, Bulbrite and Maxlite , LEDs are quick becoming the go-to bulb for all lighting fixtures and applications.

LED Chandeliers

Make a statement and also save energy with our selection of LED Chandeliers from such brands as Trend Lighting and Corbett Lighting.

LED Pendant Lights

Enjoy the low energy consumption and long life of an LED bulb in many of our pendant lighting models. Our collection comes from world famous vendors such as Foscarini and Eurofase. We also supply top LED brands such as Philips LED bulbs.

LED Ceiling Lights

Available in flush mount or semi-flush mount configuration to meet any ceiling height. Wide selection from such brands such as Tech, Bruck, Philips Luminaire and Kichler.

LED Landscape Lights

LED outdoor landscape lights including in-ground lights, step lights, underwater lights and path lights.

LED Wall Lights

Most of these lights are offered as alternatives to their halogen or cfl counterparts. Includes wall sconces, display lights, reading lights and vanity lights.

LED Table and Desk Lamps

Offering a wide selection of table and desk lamps from notable brands such as Flos, Koncept, Artemide and Philips Luminaire

LED Floor Lamps

Make a nice addition to any living room or bedroom with an LED floor lamp. Offered in a variety of color temperatures, these floor lamps can double as reading lights too!

LED Accessories

For the drivers and connectors that are sometimes needed for some LED systems such as tape lights and recessed lights.

LED Dimming Controls

There are many ways to dim LED bulbs and fixtures with options ranging from incandescent dimmers, CFL/LED dimmers and 0-10V dimming. We recommend checking with manufacturer specs for dimmer compatibility.